Jobs with Job Title Leader

That is bothering me for quite some time. Jobs with Job title “Leader” are not often advertised. Job advertisements usually have keywords such as communication skills, presentation skills, team player, committed etc. How many job advertisements did you see with word “Leader”, I guess none or very few.

So the question here is: Why companies do not need leaders to work for them?

Perhaps they need people who can just replicate work which is being done for years. There is no need for people who can bring innovation, change the way of doing things, improve or at least experiment with newer ideas or introduce technology!

May be changing is challenging, or there could be fear for losing strength at the senior management of juniors taking over, or perhaps some companies do not understand that importance to leadership thinking or leadership skills.

Global Human Capital Trends 2014 survey by Deloitte University Press, suggested that leadership remains the number one talent issue facing organizations globally. Report also suggested that only 13% companies are able to attract the right talent and develop them into leaders.

Deloitte team had following suggestions:

  • Develop leadership pipelines at every level.
  • Simplify working environment
  • Coaching and development should be the integral part of organization’s strategy.
  • Add diversity in talent pool.
  • Integrate talent, HR, and business technologies.

Sharing a quote from Forbes on this topic:

“Today’s market environment places a premium on speed, flexibility and the ability to lead in uncertain situations.”

Last perhaps the most important is for current leadership to revisit their own leadership skills, and embark upon a new journey by attending some leadership training program!

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