Switching Job to achieve Career Growth

 “After eight years of experience as an admin officer, I have gone back to school to complete executive MBA in Human Resource Management.” Picked this statement from a conversation happening at a coffee shop in Karachi. As a Career Development professional, I keep looking for live examples of how people have persuaded their careers, what were the challenges, how did they deal with those challenges etc.

How to achieve Career Growth is a question asked by many. According to Shahzeb Saeed, “Success does not Come Easy” – I agree that one must keep measuring her career growth over a period of time. I found the conversation was extremely interesting and decided to continue reading Jack Welch’s ‘Winning’ while sipping my coffee and kept my ears on this conversation.

This girl was in her early 30’s and seemed extremely ambitious. “After a few years in admin job, I was getting bored. Although my salary was increasing, but there was no pleasure in doing my job. Everyday was more struggle for me. I knew that I had no chance of moving anywhere with my current qualifications to search for better opportunities. I started reading articles on career development and I discovered an excellent article “A step-by-step plan to Change Your Career to Something You Love” by Kathy Caprino where she talked about the process of career change.”

Listening to her story, I realized that her focus was “the desire to grow”. This young women knew that going extra miles, she had to add extra qualifications or skills which will push her career forward.

In my over decades of experience, I have seen many complaining about slow or no growth. It makes me think, is it not their own lack of desire to grow, to move on, to do something exciting?

Those who have decided to jump-start a new career curve, have to see watch for that perfect moment to move on and come out of the comfort zone that makes life easy and lazy and try to find answers to the following questions while considering your next career move:

  1. What new career portfolios are available in the market?
  2. Taking stock of your current qualifications and skills, what do you need to learn more to enter into a new career?
  3. Search and speak to people who are currently in the career that you are also looking at?
  4. Check if this career has room for new entrants or is getting crowded quickly?
  5. Check what kind of companies are offering this career, are they small outfits or more established organizations?

Based on feedback, align your skills and qualifications. It will help you switch Job to achieve Career Growth.

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