5 Interesting Ways of Career Development

  • I am not enjoying my job.
  • It is so difficult for me to adjust in my working environment.
  • I am not sure why I choose this career.
  • No one told me that this job sucks.
  • I never wanted to be an engineer, but had to study due to pressures from parents.
  • I took accountancy without thinking how fierce the competition will be.
  • I have been unlucky in finding a career job. 

These are some frustrated young (and also not so young) people who write to me seeking guidance regarding their career issues. It is often challenging to help a depressed person, but I try to make them think about alternative potential opportunities in the market place.

The fact is that most students in our societies take guidance from their parents, or just follow trends and end-up studying a course that is either obsolete, or has not “job market value”.

I recall my situation when I was pushed by my parents to study pre-engineering in my high school. I was not good in Mathematics, in fact I always scored worst in that subject, but it was a hot industry in 1980’s and obviously my parents wanted me to enter this career. I did not get required grades to get admission into an engineering university. I realized that I was a marketing and PR kind of person and thought I should do Commerce, it worked and worked well for my career.

I am so glad I did not follow guidance given by my parents and I also did not jump onto the bandwagon to further my studies in Maths, Physics and Chemistry!

I advise my followers to consider following 5 interesting ways of career development:

  1. Do not wait for a perfect job, there is none, so get into the first job that come your way. You will start making some money and will certainly learn basics.
  2. If you are an average students, do not look for highly competitive jobs, you will be disappointed. So go for 2nd or even 3rd tier companies. Get experience and move on.
  3. No need to stay in your first job for very long. If you get an opportunity to jump to another job, grab it. It will start a new career life cycle for you.
  4. Do not feel shy in presenting your good work to your seniors, or asking if you do not know or do not understand something your work requires.
  5. Do not get frustrated – Just ignore frustrated moments as there will be many in your career-span. Frustration reduces the ability to perform. 

If you do not love your job, find new opportunities!

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