Meet Ulf Oldenborg, a Sales Professional from Sweden

I would like to introduce you to Ulf Oldenborg. He is a sales professional and an entrepreneur from Sweden. 20 years ago Ulaf moved out of Sweden to explore his entrepreneurial career. His forte is helping start-up companies and his passion is developing leaders and coaching people.


Here is Ulf Oldenborg:


  1. How did you start your career?

My career started as a sales professional in insurance. I consider insurance sector as the best ever sales school. During that period, I learned so many soft skills that helped me do many interesting things during my whole career.

  1. What is your passion?

My passion is in sales and leadership. I am all the time working to find new ways how to sell and get better results both for the client and the company. Nowadays you can only reach success by making your client happy and satisfied. At the same time I am passionate in working with and coaching people to improve their skills. This is my style of giving back to all who contribute. My work is based on the quote from former SAS CEO Jan Carlzon “An individual without information can’t take responsibility. An individual with information can’t help but take responsibility.”

  1. How good or bad were you during studies?

I would say that I liked the time during my studies – where I was very good in topics that I have a huge interest in and less motivated towards few where I thought I was not learning anything practical.

  1. What did you study and why did you select that line of education?

Actually, I never finished any University studies – not recommended maybe. I started to study law that I was very interested in – but I was quite lucky (as I see it today) to be picked to job opportunity working with sales of Volvo Cars at one of the biggest dealership in my area. This gave me an opportunity to meet many executives from different companies since I worked with corporate clients. This later gave me the opportunity to get my next work in my professional development.

  1. What are your future career ambitions – How do you plan to achieve those?

I only want to focus on things that will help me develop myself! Right now I have fantastic work giving me an opportunity to work in several countries and facing all the exciting challenges this means. However, my aim would be to finally ending up one day teaching and sharing my experiences for others to help them to grow.

  1. What were some of the challenges you faced in your life?

During my last 20 years when I have been working outside of my country I have met a lot of different people in different countries and from different cultures. This challenges you as a person a lot to change yourself and the way you move in the society and become succseful. It may be frustrating – but I feel happy as this gives tremendous opportunity to learn.

  1. Talk about your failures. What you were bad at, how did you deal with your weaknesses?

My weakest point was many years to listen enough – but I have paid a lot of attention to this and would say that I have learned the strength of listening capability and the opportunities come with it!

  1. Are you involved in any voluntary work for community development or social cause? Share few lines about it? 

In Sweden a lot is based on voluntary work especially within sports. This so everyone should be able to take part and it should not be based on how much money people have. I am trying today to help as much as I can and now I am helping the Polish Biathlon Federation – that’s very exciting.

  1. One thing that changed your thought process and one key lesson in life. 

When I came first time abroad to Poland to set up a company, I thought that the only way to do it was the way we did it in Sweden. However, that was not easy since the laws and regulations were different. Only after that realization, I worked as per the local system and am progressing well.


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