How to deal with Workplace frustration

We all are humans, we get frustrated at work, and this is absolutely common. Sometimes reason for this frustration could be small and ignore-able stuff. However at times, frustration can be genuine.

My experience of workplace frustration is “living in uncertainty”. The level of frustration is usually directly proportionate to level of uncertainty. Some people would call it “living at the edge”.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for workplace frustration:

  1. Micromanagers
  2. Uncooperative colleagues
  3. Inefficient subordinates
  4. Lack of funding to support initiatives
  5. Underpaid and overworked
  6. Directionless organization
  7. Inability to learn new technology
  8. Health condition
  9. Not my job syndrome
  10. Inability to deal with work politics

Well, if you do not like your job, quit!

However, before quitting, try to see how you can help improve things around you. One of the ways to do that is by improving your own behavior. A frustrated person can only reflect more frustration. If you are the cause, it will be much simpler to deal with workplace frustration. But if in your opinion, others are causing frustration, please take a step back and still see how you are contributing to the situation.

Let’s not forget that we are partially responsible for environment we live in. Can you smile a bit while talking to people? Smile often works. Start your day with good morning, staying well composed while sharing ideas, or dealing with a complaint may ease the mental pressure. I like to take a cup of coffee and walk out of my office, in open air, just to be with my coffee and enjoy that brief disengagement with my workplace. Only a brief disengagement energizes me.

Instead of just grumbling about your environment, consider analyzing what is wrong and is there a way to correct things – If not move on. Why life under unnecessary stress?

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