17 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

Some young people requested me to advise them about things they should not say in a job interview. I thought about it, and simply googled “What not to say in a job interview”. There were several resources with excellent lists of pointers one should remember during a job interview. Most exciting for me were the following three that talked about pretty specific stuff:

30 things you should not say in an interview:

25 thing you should never say during a job interview:

And on Forbes, 6 things you should never say in a job interview:

I do not disagree with what has already been published. However, I went directly to people and asked their opinion. Following was the response. These are few things interviewee would not like to talk about in a job interview:

  1. Any bad thing about the last organization
  2. Anything confidential regarding last organization
  3. Why you are leaving your current employer
  4. Current salary
  5. In my case reason for leaving previous job
  6. I desperately want this job
  7. That I was always late for work
  8. That I am searching for a good job
  9. I say, my current salary. It bars my negotiation
  10. Personal info
  11. Marital status
  12. Age
  13. Expected salary
  14. And don’t share your reservations about current/last employer
  15. Talk about routineness of your job
  16. Lack of motivation
  17. Your future plans

You can draw an endless list of stuff. However, key is to stay well composed and positive in your responses. Professionally competent people who are able to narrate their story well, express how ambitious they are and show their willingness to take-up new challenges in life and career are often okay in the end. There however will be competition. Companies are looking to hire best people to deliver best services. Just keep that in mind while preparing yourself for an interview. And if you make a mistake, do not try to rectify!

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