Its all about taking initiative!

I regret for not writing regularly in the past couple of months. I consider writing as one of the most exciting and relaxing hobby, but a little extra work pressure at job and at home is keeping me away from blogging.

Today I watched a short video. The video was taken from a public training program in which trainer asked participants to leave their seats and everyone meet at least five people in the room in about forty five seconds.

As soon he enforced the order, most participants stood-up and started meeting people. After time was over, trainer asked why no one came to meet him, and also no one attempted to meet those who were sitting and did not take initiative. Lesson here was about taking initiative. When one person takes initiative, the energies around him ignites a traction. This traction leads to action by others.

In simple words, when someone takes a step forward, he will only go forward.

I have observed in many cases people attending conferences and seminars do not take that as an opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts. They come with their buddy, sit at the next seat, have a cup of tea in isolation and leave the room. What a nice way to miss an excellent opportunity!

Small moves in our career to do something new, learning something new, asking questions, reading a new book or a new blog benefit enormously. Results may not be immediate.

I remember reading about an oil discovery. Absolutely not my field, I just read about it as it was the deepest oil well in the region. Noting special. I met a very senior person from the company that owned that oil well. During the conversation, I asked him about that oil well and how much oil has been extracted daily. He was astonished. Next 30 minutes was my time. He focused at me, talked to me and even offered a job opportunity in my field. I was already doing a good job, so needless for me to jump. But we exchanged cards and I gained a senior contact.

Try to build your network. Take initiative. Keep moving on.

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