5 Best Tips for a Great Job Interview

Anxiety is common when you get a call for job interview. No matter fresh or experienced, everyone has an increased heartrate when entering the interview room and everyone has only one objective, which is to do a great job interview.

Now is the time for a real psychological warfare between you and them. Interviews at different levels require some unique techniques. In this post, I am sharing 5 best tips to follow.

In addition to proper body language, be on time and nicely dressed-up stuff, one needs to look at the following also:

Google name of your prospective employer and click on News

More you are loaded with information about your prospective employer, better position you will be. Usually, people do look at employer’s website, but often do not check news items appearing under them. Reading latest news and some old news helps in developing better understanding about the organization, and also if they face any reputational issue.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool to do some basic research on the company. If you know the name of your interviewer, look at his profile to develop some understanding about the personality. Also look at CEO’s profile.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

List commonly asked interview questions. Now write your answers. Stay positive, use powerful words to make your responses interesting.      The share something about yourself question is often tricky. Best way to deal with it is to prepare an elevator pitch and practice is to learn by heart. A quick snapshot of your expertise and interests.

Be there early!

Time is precious for everyone. On the big day, your responsibility is to be there before time. Just make cushion for traffic delays, or any other unforeseen stuff. Getting there a bit early also allows acclimatizing with environment and relaxes nerves to improve mental and physical energy. No excuses are expected on the big day!

Dress for Success

Do you know the industry norms? If not, too bad. You are expected to dress appropriately. For instance, in technology sector, wearing a Polo and jeans is acceptable. However, in a corporate multinational, a formal suite is required.


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