Failures lead us to innovation and creativity

Are you a Failure

Are you a Failure

Failures lead us to innovation and creativity! I like failures. I believe that success does not teach much, it often pushes us in a state of joy and happiness, that leads nowhere and we generally do not learn from success. Whereas failure is beautiful, every time we fail, we learn at least one a new thing that needs rectification.

Failures teach us possibilities for improvement, innovation and creativity. Having interacted with a large number of small and medium businesses over my last 25 years of working career, I realized that business fail but entrepreneurs don’t – But some entrepreneurs do, because they throw their towel and give-up to opposite headwind – Those who do not, find another business, or another alternate way to do the same business, or find another market for their product or services.

I have not met a single person who is a 100% successful. There is always an element of failure correcting which leads to success.

Talk to any business leader, a true business leader will tell you his recipe of success which is actually drawn from his failure. Let’s take Steve Job’s example. He was fired from Apple, and technically that was a failure to keep his job. So what he did was to start Pixar and that company rocked!

McDonald’s – The largest fast-food restaurant chain learnt from their social media failure. They only improve their social media strategy after screwing badly!

Organizations and individuals who speak loud about their failures are brave enough to say, “look that did not work and perhaps that was the reason’ – They actually are seeking guidance on improvement. In the age of social media, it becomes easy to source this guidance from the Crowd. I call it “Crowed Guidance”. It helps when someone tells you that you should look straight in your picture on the title of your book!

In my conversations on ‘failures” in my public workshops, I gathered these 15 causes of failure in life that need attention. Pleased to share with my audience:

  1. Missed career opportunities
  2. Missed business opportunities
  3. Missed opportunities to excel in education and skills
  4. Failure to build a strong team
  5. Failure to work-life balancing
  6. Time Management
  7. Conflict recognition and timely conflict management
  8. Failure to deal with stress
  9. Failure to recognize talent in my organization
  10. Lack of self-organization
  11. Too frequent job switching
  12. Trusting everyone I met
  13. Inability to communicate effectively
  14. Failure to learn from failures
  15. Failure to share failures

There is an international organization called Global Giving. They award successful social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations every year. And they also recognize failures as the biggest teacher; hence award failures too with “Honest Loser Award”. This award goes to a person who tried something new and failed. The honoree shares the experience and why something did not work and what was the learning!

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