5 indicators for achieving peak performance

Seth Godin

Often people mourn about their poor performance reviews; mostly never do their own performance evaluation during the review period. As a result, when line managers show them the real picture, they start cursing the line manager!

Let’s analyze some performance indicators that help in achieving peak performance.


1.     Goal setting

Usually, key performance indicators are part of previous year’s performance review. KPIs are set in agreement with the line manager. One must prepare her own goals, may be just two or three things to achieve and complement KPIs. This extra effort will help at the end of the year. In addition to achieving KPI’s one can present some extra accomplishments.


2.     Don’t just look busy

Stay busy strategy is often backfires. Good line managers know exactly how busy his team members are, so there is no point is showing your busyness. Instead, one should consider adding value by supporting line managers. There is no harm in asking for work or assignment. Simply say that you have some extra capacity in the next few days. Show your willingness.

3.     Learn by reading

I have been a big advocate of reading at work. We all can find space to read a news, a blog or a small article. Just pick something that would inspire you. Perhaps the easiest thing is to subscribe to a blog. If you read an article every day, your knowledge will grow with the passage of time. Additional knowledge will become your strength.

4.     Work on small improvements

Who asks you to turnaround the world?

People do not have time for this crap. Let them take it as a crap and you should still work on small improvements in your systems, schedule, and procedures. At the end of the day, you will be able to save time by doing more in shorter time.

5.     Dress for success

Office decorum has changed over the last 15 years. More and more offices are introducing informal or smart casuals. In any case, one must try to wear what is appropriate for a particular sector. Technology sector will remain casual to informal. Wear nicely!

Ultimately it is all about showing passion at work. Seth Godin describes as being Remarkable!

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