7 Habits of Extremely Lazy Manager

Some organizations make people lazy. Lack of motivation, lack of direction and lack of growth are three key factors in fostering the culture of laziness in an organization. Once developed, this culture can put an organization on the path of slow death!

Organizational development and success largely depends on how managers deal and supervise their people. Humans are available in many types, some take challenges, some faint when challenges occur. Some like to face brutality of every changing business environment, some prefer to stay away from whirlpools.

There is a special type that is called a Lazy Manager. There are many around us. Some of them are smart and make their team work by delegating 90% of their work. However, amongst these smart managers, some are unlucky to have an effective and dedicated team, their alternative arrangement is to pick the best and train them to supervise the rest of the team.

The second category of Lazy Managers is indeed lethargic. They are lifeless!

In this post, I will describe 7 Habits of Extremely Lazy Managers. This will help you analyze yourself as well as managers around you.

Lack of engagement:

Unless there is geographical distance, managers must talk to their teams regularly. Lazy managers avoid talking to their teams. A survey done in the US also describes disengagement as a major issue. It says that, Engaged people are invested in their performance and do great work.”

Lack of support:

Mangers who do not support their teams are hated the most. Lack of support results in a weak and directionless team, which cripples with the passage of time.

Inability to learn new things (and systems)

World is taking a leap in terms of technological developments. Since 1990’s, technological innovation has transformed the way people communicate. From telex to fax, from fax to emails and now video conferencing and texting has become a norm. However, you will still find managers who are unwilling to make a power point presentation!

Harnessing a team

Harnessing a team require efforts. In a Lazy Manager’s dictionary, word harnessing does not exist.

Sharing ideas

Lazy managers are idea-less. They have no desire to think futuristically. Work can remain a passive function for them. Where ideas are not created or shared, innovation does not take place. Such environments become stale and such organizations go out of business.

Appreciating ideas

How would you feel if your manager give you a shut-up call on sharing a nice idea to reduce production losses, improve productivity or increase market share? Researchers confirm that appreciating ideas is one of the best ways of recognizing team members. However, for a Lazy Manager, appreciation is insulting!

Fun starved

Work should be fun. Instead of finding yourself in a cage, workplace needs to provide opportunity to loosen-up, a bit of laugh helps. Since lazy managers suffer from physiological disorders, life is full of anger and depression. They are truly fun starved.

If you find a lazy manager around you, make him read this post!

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