About ME

I am The only US Chamber Qualified Non-Profit Expert Consultant in South Asia with 25 years expertise in capacity building for business association in improving governance, memberships development, revenue generation, social media outreach and policy advocacy. RAJ_7471

I have trained over 200 business association professionals and elected leaders to achieve growth objectives both in established and start-up organizations.

– Business Association Development Expert
– Author “Bootstrapping Your Career”
– Blogger focusing Entrepreneurship, Career, Social Media
– Conference & Focus Group Facilitator
– Social Media Trainer

I love to work with Business Association, entrepreneurs and Youth.

My Published work:
Blogs http://www.cipe.org/blog/author/hammad/
– Published by International Finance Corporation (IFC Smart Lessons)

My Strengths: Strategic planning, operational management, team building, creating and ensuring high performance and quality standards, institutional capacity building, budgeting and change management, Social Media, training, developing new contacts and strategic partnerships.

I have worked in: UK, Nepal, Pakistan, Azerbaijan & Bangladesh, Cambodia.

Current: developing and managing CIPE’s programs in the areas of Policy Advocacy, Corporate Governance, Economic Journalism, Women Entrepreneurship and Chambers and Associations development. This includes strategic planning through consultations with partner organizations, project development, budgeting, grant disbursements, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

I spent 16 years with British Government & now 8 years at the Center for International Private Enterprise. This has given me unique experience of performing in the highly demanding and strategically complex work environment which require deep understanding of vision, mission and objectives of the organization and the concepts of specific project initiatives.

Connect me hammadlinks@gmail.com or via http://xeeme.com/hammadsiddiqui

Twitter : @hammads

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