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Best Sales Person can Sell a Brick!

Did you ever observe how best sales people react as soon as someone walks into their territory? I am sure not many people notice this reaction because when they enter a shop they are looking at stuff, not at the salesperson.

Retail sales people are always in high demand. However, finding a super salesperson is a great challenge!  In a previous post, I discussed my conversation with Pakistan’s #1 Sales Trainer who said that ““I have not heard any mother shouting in the labor room that she has given birth to a salesman”!

It certainly is a skill that can be taught. But I argue, that salesmanship is a natural skill every human being posses, however only few take the challenge as a professional salesman.

In 2009, this friend of mine Ashraf Chaudhry wrote a blog “10 Commandments of Selling”. Two of his 10 commandments were:

  1. Thou shalt believe that thou art the most valuable person on planet earth..
  2. Thou shalt take pride in the profession of Selling.

I would like to build on what is said above to share an experience I had only yesterday when I was at a local mall to meet someone and killing time because this chap was late! I entered my favorite shoe store and since I was not really interested in buying anything, I looked at the salesperson that immediately started walking towards me. What I noticed was astonishing – He welcomed me and after first eye contact, he looked at my shoes!

Wahoo! That was an excellent learning, I asked him why did he look at my shoes – He said “It helps me understand choice of my customer” – But to be very honest, he wanted to gauge the depth of my pocket by looking at my shoes J, after all it was an expensive store and salesperson must not waste time in trying to sell to a person who is wearing a cheap pair of shoe!

That was a super realization for me and I thought to share this experience with my readers today.

Ogilvy One Worldwide which is Britain’s top marketing agency ran an interesting competition by asking participants to prepare a video of themselves selling a brick and upload it on YouTube.  Their commercial is placed at the end of this post.

Retail selling is a challenging job and most salespersons do not get the classroom training opportunity. Moreover, these jobs do not require a higher level of educational qualifications. Most retail salespersons are around 10th grade qualified. Only those who really are passionate about making a career in sales learn human skills. I believe there are five key human skills that a salesperson must learn or develop:

  • Product knowledge
  • Eye contact
  • Smiling welcome statement
  • Strong observation
  • Effective Communication

Experiment when you walk into a retail store next time!

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Umer Lathiya
Umer Lathiya

may be now... after reading this. improves my feelings.. because doing a sales job is not an easy...