Do You Ask Questions During Job Interviews?

Not many job candidates ask questions during their interviews, even if interviewers offer this opportunity, many stay quite.

Asking well crafted and intelligent questions help you gain good marks in an interview. And if you are not offered an opportunity to ask questions, you have a right to seek this opportunity. CareerBuilder in 2012 surveyed over 2500 companies to see how they feel if a candidate asks questions during an interview. Result showed that 32% hiring managers preferred a candidate who asks intelligent questions during job interview. Their report suggests that not asking questions shows your lack of confidence!

Having said this, please do not ask questions that ruin your interview. A renowned career expert Anita Attridge says that “Asking a bad question is worst than asking none at all.”

Intelligent questions are not focused at remuneration or benefits. You will get to know your package if a job is offered. Interview is an opportunity for you to learn a bit more about the company, its working environment, expansion plans etc.

Get ready and select few questions from the following list, practice and ask these questions at your next interview. Your strategy is to impress your interviewer by showing your keenness about the job and knowledge about the company.

Here is a list of questions you may ask at your interview:

  1. Ask about company’s expansion in your area of specialization.
  2. Ask about growth in the respective sector in your country or region.
  3. Ask about (very carefully) competitor in the same field and its strategy.
  4. Try to gain knowledge about a specific issue with the company and ask if that has been resolved.
  5. Read company’s annual report and prepare few questions about company’s financial position and its share prices.
  6. You can ask about the type of candidate company is interested in hiring.
  7. It will be interesting to know if this company offers opportunities for further trainings and education.
  8. You can ask about the timeline for a decision on your interview.
  9. Ask about a major challenge company is currently facing.
  10. 10. Ask if this company offers a competitive career growth plan.

Carefully craft your questions to show your ability to articulate and express your interest in this job. It helps!

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