How bad handwriting does not impact your career?

An MBA student asked me: “My handwriting is very bad, will it have any negative impact on my career?”

Good question indeed. When I was in school my handwriting was bad too, it is still bad. I remember my later father kept pushing me to improve handwriting. When my father was in school, they used bamboo pen and ink. I was using pencil and later a proper pen. I always questioned about this philosophy of “improving handwriting for better career.” That was the time when typing was a skill learnt at high school level. There were typing schools in every community. Particularly during summer vacations, young boys and girls would learn typing and some smarter people go for stenographer or telex operator courses. Anyone born in early 90’s cannot explain a telex machine or word stenographer. After Y2K, Kids do not learn typing, they know typing.

In 1980’s I did not know that there will be time when our kids would do their papers online. Instead of submitting written projects, they would submit computer printed documents. Things change, it was difficult to predict what changes future would bring, and it still is challenging to foresee how world around us will change in the next five years.

Speech recognition software is already implemented in many organizations. Doctors now record their treatment history and procedures using this software. Computers are now without hard-drive, data is saved on a chip or on clouds. No wonder, next generation computers will only have a screen, microphone and earphone socket, keyboard will not be required.

So the argument around good handwriting to help in career growth is invalid already. The focus should be to improve quality and quantity of knowledge, ability to articulate well, ability of learning quickly, numeracy etc.

For instance, in 90’s CVs without a para about computer typing skills was considered rejected, now anyone who has been through proper schooling is automatically considered to have working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

So why worry about bad handwriting? I recommend, just focus on knowledge building!

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