Careers with No Growth!

While traveling from Istanbul recently, I was watching these young cabin crew members who were extremely hospitable and courteous to their customers. They were in their 30s. I kept thinking if they have any career growth, if yes, how far they can go in this profession?

With this thought in mind, I posted a Facebook status and asked: Are there any careers with NO Growth?

I was thinking someone will Question me “What I meant by growth?” – In my view growth as many dimensions. Financial, professional, skills, responsibilities, satisfaction. For different people, growth means different things. Radically thinking, every profession on this earth has ZERO growth, unless professional wants to grow, career will not grow.

Following are some interesting and thought provoking responses to my Facebook Update that I am sharing in this post:

  • I thought for 2 minutes, but every career seems to have growth as per my information. But I think it depends on the place where that skills are used for growth…
  • There couldn’t possibly be a career with absolutely NO career growth, I believe the question should be altered slightly to include asking about career whose scale of growth is really short. In my opinion, telemarketing/call centers, has barely any growth
  • Believe every job has a different kind of a learning curve, can’t think of a career where there is no personal or Professional development,
  • I think every career has growth and it depend on person if he/she want to grow or remain stagnant
  • Complacency and stop learning are two characteristics that can make any career stand still, dull as well as stagnant.
  • I think, it wouldn’t be a “career” if there were to be no growth. However, it can happen that a person might be stopped from growing in his/her chosen career path, or could fail to accomplish more him/herself. That too would lead to no career growth.
  • An individual grows in his/her career…Not the career that grows. Career itself carries meaning of learning, development and growth.

I agree with above comments. Only those fail to grow who are not taking initiatives and slowly become stale in their jobs – Working smarter is always better!

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