When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Jet Pilot – A Dream Career!

When you’re growing up, it’s easy to dream about what amazing career you’ll have, whether it’s being an astronaut, a jet pilot, a professional sportsperson, or any other profession – however, only a small percentage of people actually end up doing their dream job. Most people end up finding a practical career, but still manage to keep their hobbies going. In this […]

10 Cool Tips for Twitter Users

Twitter is the coolest social media tool. Those who do not use it are perhaps living in the Stone Age! It started as a SMS service (Short Message Service), and now grown viral to become one of the most used communication platform for all walks of life. This 140-character micro-blogging platform was formed in 2006, now has over 500 […]

Why Entrepreneurs Prefer Facebook as a Social Media Marketing Tool

  Social Media Platforms Social media and digital marketing sphere has been changing so quickly, it is impossible for businesses and entrepreneurs to keep track of these changing dynamics. Tools, applications and techniques all are being updated, revised and improved on a daily basis. If we look at the recent past, Facebook advertisement, groups and […]

Wood Carvers – Entrepreneurship Story from Multan

Most female entrepreneurs in South Asia prefer starting their entrepreneurial career in fields such as jewelry, garments and fashion accessories. I would like to introduce Mahnaz Amir Sheikh – She was brave enough to enter in a new business line and started making wooden furniture. This entrepreneurship story was sent to me from Multan, the capital […]

Expert to an Entrepreneur | Hatim Blended Entrepreneurship & Branding

  “Idea is the key and devotion is the route – entrepreneur needs passion to achieve goals” says Hatim Shabbir Hussain Dabbawala, CEO, Bohra Developers who started his journey with a job with a media group rather than an Engineering  company, soon after completion of BE in Computer systems from NED. After working for 4 […]

Are Social Media Experts Reliable?

Social Media Websites and corporate blogs are now becoming popular tools for brand development and promotion for entrepreneurs and corporations. Recent emergence of social media has opened other venues for entrepreneurs to consider for brand development and promotion. The fact is that not every entrepreneur has the time and knowledge of tools available in the […]

Are you one of the Best Sales People in this World?

  Did you ever observe how best sales people react as soon as someone walks into their territory? I am sure not many people notice this reaction because when they enter a shop they are looking at stuff, not at the salesperson. Retail sales people are always in high demand. However, finding a super salesperson […]