3 reasons why a business owner Should know financial management

“But you told me last month that we are profitable and now you’re telling me that we don’t have cash”. Said the small business owner to his accountant “Yes sir – We are profitable but we don’t have money to pay to our employees”. Replied the accountant. “Are you in your mind? We’re selling so […]

Tips for Planning Career Growth

Working smarter is always better than working harder. I am a firm believer in effortless work. People generally blend themselves in a normal working environment with other hard workers and become Map Followers. Once you are a map follower, you cannot create one. Creating a map requires special skills and one of such skills is […]

7 Tips to Work Smarter not Harder

Whether you are a self employed business owner or you manage an organisation, do you feel that you are working harder than before? Or have you discovered the secret to working smarter instead? Many business owners in the UK work very long hours, some through choice, and others as a result of sheer workload. Some […]

3 Lessons from Seth Godin – Linchpin is a rare specie

I just finished reading one of the best books on personal development was published in 2010 by Seth Godin titled “Linchpin”. I am sure several reviews have been done on this book already. One of the best reviews I found was by Nelson Bates, a bestselling author and an entrepreneur. He says that “In my […]

Learn How to Blog Effectively

Blogging undoubtedly is an art. It requires sense of humor, creativity, language skills and also bit of technical skills. I have been blogging for over six years now. I learnt the technical bits by the process of hit and trail. My mission is to transfer knowledge about blogging to anyone who is interested in learning […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 – The Official Phone for London Olympics 2012

  Samsung Olympic Identity System What an exciting branding opportunity for Samsung – Its newly launched Samsung Galaxy SIII has been announced as Olympic Games 2012 Phone. The company is one of the world’s major manufacturers of cell phones. Timing for the launch of its latest Galaxy SIII were perfect and its partnership with VISA […]

Adidas to Fight the Branding Game at London Olympics 2012

London Olympics might be an opportunity for Adidas to help improve its market position in the highly competitive British sportswear market. The company currently stands at second position with only 3% less market share compared with Nike which leads with 18% share. Based on its marketing and branding strategy, Adidas is targeting an exponential growth […]