Its all about taking initiative!

I regret for not writing regularly in the past couple of months. I consider writing as one of the most exciting and relaxing hobby, but a little extra work pressure at job and at home is keeping me away from blogging. Today I watched a short video. The video was taken from a public training […]

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an interesting topic to learn about. I have been trying to get some insights from corporate leaders on how they define and use their emotional intelligence in their routine. Laura Wilcox, Director Management Programs at Harvard Extension School says that “Despite a bevy of research and best-selling books on the topic, many […]

Creating an Environment for Intellectual Wellbeing

I come across many overworked, depressed and unhappy employees on a regular basis. Growing number of hypertensive, obese and diabetic working class will not help companies to grow, in fact that will result in increasing health insurance cost and time off sick! But the question around this issue remains undiscussed among human resource professionals. They […]

Owais Zaidi – Story of Career Progression

  I am always in search of exciting career stories. These stories are not only inspiration for me, but also through my blogs are learning for my readers and followers. This time my search took me to The Hive, a premium co-working space being created by my friend Owais Zaidi. Owais is excited about his […]

Giving yourself a fare EQ ranking

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a topic that I have lately been reading about a lot. The concept is simple yet interesting. In simple words, Emotional Intelligence means knowing yourself and people around you and using this awareness to develop and manage relationships at work or in family. Emotional Intelligence can help in improving your career […]

From Engineering to Life Coach

“I would like to meet you to discuss my career issue.” This was an inbox on my LinkedIn last week. I check profile of this young man that was titled “Life Coach”, interesting I thought and gave him time for a meeting. He was five minutes early and thanked me for sparing time for him. […]

How bad handwriting does not impact your career?

An MBA student asked me: “My handwriting is very bad, will it have any negative impact on my career?” Good question indeed. When I was in school my handwriting was bad too, it is still bad. I remember my later father kept pushing me to improve handwriting. When my father was in school, they used […]