Owais Zaidi – Story of Career Progression

  I am always in search of exciting career stories. These stories are not only inspiration for me, but also through my blogs are learning for my readers and followers. This time my search took me to The Hive, a premium co-working space being created by my friend Owais Zaidi. Owais is excited about his […]

Giving yourself a fare EQ ranking

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a topic that I have lately been reading about a lot. The concept is simple yet interesting. In simple words, Emotional Intelligence means knowing yourself and people around you and using this awareness to develop and manage relationships at work or in family. Emotional Intelligence can help in improving your career […]

From Engineering to Life Coach

“I would like to meet you to discuss my career issue.” This was an inbox on my LinkedIn last week. I check profile of this young man that was titled “Life Coach”, interesting I thought and gave him time for a meeting. He was five minutes early and thanked me for sparing time for him. […]

How bad handwriting does not impact your career?

An MBA student asked me: “My handwriting is very bad, will it have any negative impact on my career?” Good question indeed. When I was in school my handwriting was bad too, it is still bad. I remember my later father kept pushing me to improve handwriting. When my father was in school, they used […]

Interesting Job Titles never existed a decade ago

World is moving fast, things are changing fast, technology is advancing fact, to keep up the pace with this dynamics, job titles are changing too. 10 years ago job for digital marketing professional or social media professional never existed. People at senior level still do not understand the importance of a creative social media professional […]

First Lessons from 32 Top Corporate Leaders

My first lesson at my first job was to learn to listen carefully. I had been thinking to find out what were first lessons of top corporate leaders when they entered in their first career job. I shared this question at a vibrant HRM Forum based in Pakistan: “Can you dig your memory and share […]

7 Habits of Extremely Lazy Manager

Some organizations make people lazy. Lack of motivation, lack of direction and lack of growth are three key factors in fostering the culture of laziness in an organization. Once developed, this culture can put an organization on the path of slow death! Organizational development and success largely depends on how managers deal and supervise their […]