Jawwad Karim – An MBA who wants to excel in Jewelry Business

An MBA running his jewelry making business is something unusual in Pakistan. I met Jawwad Karim few years ago when he was just out of his studies. He was quite inspiring. Recently reconnected with him. I feel that his career story is a great tool to learn how combining skills and education can help in […]

Maknatees – A Local Brand Made in Pakistan

“Your luck and efforts go hand-in-hand, it’s about being passionate about your work and giving the 100% of what you have and most importantly being ethical in your business practices – A.Samad Nasyr of Maknatees” Pakistan appears quite low in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s Index. But is this really the case? When it comes to […]

Richard Branson Loves Mentoring – Mentoring is fun

Mentoring is fun! I love mentoring these young lads who are often stuck in their business ideas, confused and frustrated. Recently, I was speaking with my mentees at TownTawks, a small start-up with big ideas. The issue was their inability to bring small shop owners online and it was pinching them. Potential customers who do […]

Small Business Start-up face challenges right from the beginning

Start-up companies face many challenges right from the beginning. This is a follow-up post by Irfan Elahi of a technology Start-up TownTawks. I have been mentoring them as and when they need me. Towntawks, the startup idea that we are pursuing is actually working on the junction of Technology & Marketing by seamlessly unifying Social, […]

Failures lead us to innovation and creativity

Failures lead us to innovation and creativity! I like failures. I believe that success does not teach much, it often pushes us in a state of joy and happiness, that leads nowhere and we generally do not learn from success. Whereas failure is beautiful, every time we fail, we learn at least one a new thing […]

In Customer Service, Rudeness is unacceptable – Hey, McDonald’s employees, smile please!

It’s all about how quickly you are able to turnaround customer’s request or order! Customer Service is all about extending courtesies, rudeness is absolutely unacceptable!  Optimal efficiency means reduced cost of doing business and improved competitiveness.  It is astonishing to see how service industry tries to keep the efficiency of service delivery processes at the […]

TownTawks – Start-up I have been Mentoring

Few months ago I was approached by an aspiring entrepreneur Irfan Elahi, CEO and Founder of TownTawks, a technology venture. He requested me to mentor TownTawks team during the start-up process.  I am pleased to share Irfan’s views on how our mentor-mentee relationship helped his start-up. This is a series of three to four posts. […]