How BlogDash is connecting Bloggers with Brands

“I have spent my career working with different companies to bring their users or customers together in order to improve their overall user experience” – David Spinks An entrepreneur originally hailing from Long Island, Spink has been involved in developing social media tools to help integrate the formal PR and marketing channels as per the […]

Accept failure if you cannot attract and retain right people!

“I have been looking for good staff, it is so difficult to find right people in the market” – I have heard from many business owners and senior managers. In one way this looks like accepting failure to attract and retain right people. This raised few questions in my mind, and in my conversation with […]

I met Tony Buzan – Creator of Thinking Tools and Mind Maps

“Our educational system is not designed to recognize the real talent!” –Tony Buzan. Tony is world’s renowned author on “Thinking Tools” he has been training on Mind Map, Speed Reading and Memory Advancement for years. I was honored to meet him in Karachi last evening. About three years ago a friend Dr Habib Asalam Gaba […]

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish – One lesson Turned a Lazy Guy into an Entrepreneur!

Nobody is going to knock on your door and offer you opportunities. This is an era where we have to create opportunities for ourselves. We have to discover new markets, new niches and have to become expert at something. You make your own luck so stop waiting and make a MOVE, you Lazy…  – Usman […]

Good Customer Service creates Brand Ambassadors

There was time when customers would take longer time to switch from one brand to another. Things have changed now, they need just one small slack customer service experience and they are not only off to another brand, but are also most likely to share their bad experience on social media such as facebook, twitter […]

Success of Online Marketing by Nadda Salim

Entrepreneurship is an addiction, once you are in, you are stuck! Nadda Salim Adamjee started her entrepreneurial adventure in 2000. She had just come out of her fashion school after completing a four year degree program followed by a year long stint at Labels as Head Designer. After three years in business, she opted to […]

Networking Works – Your network is your net worth

“Your network is your net worth” – one must believe in this and act on keep building his network of relevant influential people. Robert Kawasaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said that “The richest people in this work look for and build networks, everyone else look for work!” Most young people who are just coming out […]