Awami Web – An exciting Online Entrepreneurial venture

“Entrepreneurship is one of my remembered dreams since the very beginning of my maturity, I want to have my own work where I can excel and play an open game unlike in a job environment where there is less room for fair play” – Nouman Younas, Managing Partner, Awami Web Internet and World Wide Web […]

Ashraf Chaudhry – An Entrepreneurial Sensation!

Ashraf Chaudhry is a Zara Sochiye fame, a well known sales trainer and author of “The Craft of Selling YOURSELF” – I met Ashraf on 21st December 2008. I did not know him. I was traveling in December 2008 and received a marketing email from him when I was in Bucharest, Romania. That email went […]

How to Humanize your Brands on Social Media – Amy Jo Martin

“Humanize your brand is the golden rule of social media, because humans connect with humans, not logos. Traditional marketing has always approached branding as a way to control the message… But it’s crucial for a brand to provide access to its personalities in some capacity because logos have zero ability to socialize” – Amy Jo Martin, CEO […]

Promoting a Brand – Remember Five Key Points

In my opinion personal branding is as important as branding a product or service. Why some people or brands are widely recognized, where as majority is unknown to the masses? There is only one reason,  famous people or products, brand better! Biggest achievement for any brand is its acceptability as a household name or in […]

When Finding a Career Job becomes a Nightmare!

Young people contact me for mentorship, not only in their entrepreneurial career, but also in job search, resume development, interview guidance etc. They generally follow me on social media such as twitter and Facebook. For some finding a career is really a a Nightmare! Over the last few years, I have helped a number of […]

Five Lessons from JC Penny Pricing Strategy Failure

US is a highly customer sensitive market. Radical experiments can work, but when backfire, retrieval is generally almost impossible. Undoubtedly pricing strategy is the key to bring customers in stores. US customers are known to drive miles to avail small coupon offers. Price war is tough. In this situation why did JC Penny showed bravery […]

Only Remarkable Ideas Spread!

Spiritual Journey into the Entrepreneurship begins with smart ideas. In my view, entrepreneurs are the most spiritually connected people who can turn some craziest ideas into profits. So are you an entrepreneur or not, there are several examples and explanations. In my view, keeping explanation simple is important, hence the following description: Businessman thinks for […]