The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‎Quran‬: Lesson #3. Conflict Resolution

The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‎Quran‬: Lesson #3. Conflict Resolution Conflicts are the part and parcel of daily corporate life. The only place without conflicts is graveyard. Conflicts are in a way a healthy thing provided people are fighting for the bottom line of the company. Personalized conflicts paralyze the company and dissipate creative energies in […]

The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‎Quran‬: Lesson #2. Benefits of Networking

The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‎Quran‬: Lesson #2. Benefits of Networking Quran categorically rejects life of monasteries and living in silos. It advises its followers to come out of their homes and spread in the universe and see the signs of Allah. It encourages building community centers and meeting people so that they help each others […]

The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‪Quran ‬: Lesson #1 How to Recruit People?

The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‪‎Quran‬: Lesson #1 Prophet Moses (AS) escapes from ruthless kingdom of Pharaoh and reaches Madyan where he happens to meet another Prophet Shoaib (AS) after helping his daughters who were being deprived of saturating their animals by big guns of the town. While Moses was living with Shoaib, the eldest daughter recommends […]

In Customer Service, Rudeness is unacceptable – Hey, McDonald’s employees, smile please!

It’s all about how quickly you are able to turnaround customer’s request or order! Customer Service is all about extending courtesies, rudeness is absolutely unacceptable!  Optimal efficiency means reduced cost of doing business and improved competitiveness.  It is astonishing to see how service industry tries to keep the efficiency of service delivery processes at the […]

Accept failure if you cannot attract and retain right people!

“I have been looking for good staff, it is so difficult to find right people in the market” – I have heard from many business owners and senior managers. In one way this looks like accepting failure to attract and retain right people. This raised few questions in my mind, and in my conversation with […]

I met Tony Buzan – Creator of Thinking Tools and Mind Maps

“Our educational system is not designed to recognize the real talent!” –Tony Buzan. Tony is world’s renowned author on “Thinking Tools” he has been training on Mind Map, Speed Reading and Memory Advancement for years. I was honored to meet him in Karachi last evening. About three years ago a friend Dr Habib Asalam Gaba […]

Five Lessons from JC Penny Pricing Strategy Failure

US is a highly customer sensitive market. Radical experiments can work, but when backfire, retrieval is generally almost impossible. Undoubtedly pricing strategy is the key to bring customers in stores. US customers are known to drive miles to avail small coupon offers. Price war is tough. In this situation why did JC Penny showed bravery […]