Standout, Stay ahead and Get Noticed on Social Media

Emergence, acceptability and penetration of social media has revolutionized human behavior. With billions of people connected on various platforms of social media, one should be in constant quest to standout, stay ahead and get noticed. You will find busiest politicians, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, religious scholars on social media. Did you ever notice why they are […]

Social Media Marketing – Some Poor Examples from Pakistan

 Social media is an effective channel for Marketing and promoting brands and  products. Facebook in particular is a popular platform in Pakistan. In the last couple of years, brands have realized the importance of using social media for customer engagement. However, due to the lack of a strategic vision, there is a large number that is […]

How to deal with Career Choices?

Out from the college and confused. Following is an email I received last evening from a young girl who is qualified enough to start her career in Social Media Marketing or Event Management as these are considered hot careers these days. She was looking at narrow Career Choices! Read what she says: I have done […]

Old Marketing Theories will be obsolete soon – Social Media will Rule!

As their customers are now communicating via social media, Chief Marketing Officers or CMOs have a daunting challenge these days, which is to remain on their toes, experiment, learn and introduce new strategies to support marketing functions of their companies.  In simple words if a CMO engages his customers using traditional means, he will push […]

What do brands discuss on social media?

What do brands discuss on social media? Fools are those who use social media for marketing! Strong statement, isn’t it? People are already pushed too much by TV commercials for purchasing goods they often do not need. If social media is used in the same manner, audience will switch the page the way they switch […]

How BlogDash is connecting Bloggers with Brands

“I have spent my career working with different companies to bring their users or customers together in order to improve their overall user experience” – David Spinks An entrepreneur originally hailing from Long Island, Spink has been involved in developing social media tools to help integrate the formal PR and marketing channels as per the […]

I am a big fan of Social Media!

I am a big fan of social media. Those who think it is waste of time are actually unable to understand the potential of social media and kind of outreach and connectivity it offers. In this post I am sharing my recent experience. I have just completed the manuscript of my book on career development. […]