Does it really matter how many people follow you on social media?

People beat drum about how many people follow them on social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. There is no doubt that social networks are now the most effective tools for being connected to masses, and to people who do not know you and never met you in the real world. Millions of people spend […]

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish – One lesson Turned a Lazy Guy into an Entrepreneur!

Nobody is going to knock on your door and offer you opportunities. This is an era where we have to create opportunities for ourselves. We have to discover new markets, new niches and have to become expert at something. You make your own luck so stop waiting and make a MOVE, you Lazy…  – Usman […]

Good Customer Service creates Brand Ambassadors

There was time when customers would take longer time to switch from one brand to another. Things have changed now, they need just one small slack customer service experience and they are not only off to another brand, but are also most likely to share their bad experience on social media such as facebook, twitter […]

Awami Web – An exciting Online Entrepreneurial venture

“Entrepreneurship is one of my remembered dreams since the very beginning of my maturity, I want to have my own work where I can excel and play an open game unlike in a job environment where there is less room for fair play” – Nouman Younas, Managing Partner, Awami Web Internet and World Wide Web […]

Ashraf Chaudhry – An Entrepreneurial Sensation!

Ashraf Chaudhry is a Zara Sochiye fame, a well known sales trainer and author of “The Craft of Selling YOURSELF” – I met Ashraf on 21st December 2008. I did not know him. I was traveling in December 2008 and received a marketing email from him when I was in Bucharest, Romania. That email went […]

Do not Delete your Facebook or Twitter Account – Just take a deep breath!

If you are one of those addicts who says “I think I have been wasting too much time tweeting or facebooking, really want to reduce the usage, but it’s seems impossible – Shall I delete my social media accounts?” There are two arguments that I would like to present here: Those who spend time on […]

Head Hunters Use LinkedIn – It is the Best Job Search Tool

“I think job postings are such old news – Social is the hot new industry.” Jeff Vijungco VP, Worldwide Talent Acquisition at Adobe Systems Incorporated. Social media networks not only connect people and businesses, these networks also provide career options both for entrepreneurs and job seekers. The most exciting social media tool for connecting professionals in LinkedIn. With […]