How to Humanize your Brands on Social Media – Amy Jo Martin

“Humanize your brand is the golden rule of social media, because humans connect with humans, not logos. Traditional marketing has always approached branding as a way to control the message… But it’s crucial for a brand to provide access to its personalities in some capacity because logos have zero ability to socialize” – Amy Jo Martin, CEO […]

Promoting a Brand – Remember Five Key Points

In my opinion personal branding is as important as branding a product or service. Why some people or brands are widely recognized, where as majority is unknown to the masses? There is only one reason,  famous people or products, brand better! Biggest achievement for any brand is its acceptability as a household name or in […]

Simple Social Media Policy and Strategy

This is the Socialera. Regardless of their size, small, medium and large companies are either have started using social media to communicate with their stakeholders or are in the process of doing so. Government departments, public sector organizations and regulators are also not behind in experimenting the might of social media outreach. However selling the […]

Micheal Morgolis – A Story Teller Turned Ideas into Entrepreneurship

For centuries, stories are great source of inspiration. People have been using stories to bond with other people for as long as human culture has existed- only the medium of communication has changed with time. Stories used to be told in gatherings, then in print form, moving into the realm of animation and movies as […]

Entrepreneurship and Marketing with Social Media

  I love mentoring youngsters and one of the ways to reach out and encourage them to consider entrepreneurship as a career is via my blog posts. In the last couple of years, I have mentored countless youngsters, both men and women. Following is an inspirational story of a young men who has started his […]

11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era – The Real Story!

This undoubtedly is the #SocialEra – ever increasing number of social media platforms are catering to unpredictable demands from social media users. With so many options to connect and communicate with communities and self-taught nature of social media, both social media users and companies that own social media platforms face numerous challenges. I have been […]

How McDonald’s Survived in London Olympics 2012

“McDonald’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience from our menu and operations to our value and convenience – continues to move us closer to becoming our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.” – CEO McDonald’s Restaurants. McDonald’s is one of the greatest brands in the world. Kids love it, elders love it […]