Creating an Environment for Intellectual Wellbeing

I come across many overworked, depressed and unhappy employees on a regular basis. Growing number of hypertensive, obese and diabetic working class will not help companies to grow, in fact that will result in increasing health insurance cost and time off sick!

But the question around this issue remains undiscussed among human resource professionals. They need to be finding ways to create healthy working environment in companies, not only for physical health, but also intellectual wellbeing.

Larger companies have programs to keep their employees happy so that they get the best out of their potential. Holidays, nice compensation, workplace environment and benefits are designed to retain quality human resource.

However, smaller companies, what I call day-traders usually consider such an environment a luxury. They do not realize that simple team lunches, clean toilets, comfortable office temperature, work-load alignment, long-weekends and a 40 hours week are some of the ways to improve both physical health as well as intellectual wellbeing of their employees. I know a pharmaceutical company that offers freshly cooked healthy lunch, and that is one of the major factors for staff satisfaction in that company.

While working towards creating a wholesome environment, human resource professionals need to understand the difference between wellness and wellbeing .First simply refers to physical health, whereas wellbeing means a more holistic approach that in addition to physical heath, covers mental state and intellectual wellbeing also.

The next key point to consider is the opportunity to participate. Participation is good for healthy competition which in turn helps improve overall efficiency of any organization.

Not only HR, but the senior management and company boards also need to realize that any wellbeing program needs to have a longer-term objective to remain as a competitive, innovative and productive organization. Expecting something quick and in a very short span, will be a mistake!

Now turn the discussion towards young people joining workforce. They are eager to get into their career, often neglect the working environment. Young and energetic, they deal with situation in the early stage of their career, however continuing in non-wellbeing friendly environment starts its destruction in couple of years. Fist the mental health, next is physical health impacted badly.

I am lucky to have worked in healthy environment, you need to find workplace that will help you in outshining!

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