How to define a Successful Career?

Successful career does not always mean that you have been rewarded while delivering the key performance indicators, constantly over the years!

In fact if you are meeting you KPIs, it shows that you are doing what has been agreed with your line manager at the beginning of the year, but that is only sufficient to get a regular pay-raise. Nothing special, I am afraid!

I wanted to find out how people react to a reward, what kind of rewards are considered motivating and why should they be rewarded?

I ran a small survey on Facebook. Interestingly, many respondents said that they never were rewarded, but were given more work. That was a revelation for me, and I thought to do a bit of reading on the subject to share my views.

Many people consider a trip to an island or a bonus or may be a certificate of appreciation a reward. In my view, intelligent line managers have brainwashed employees so that they think in a shell only, keeping their list of possible rewards at the minimal.

Now look at some technology companies and how they define successful career – they provide sporting facilities, a café within the compound, a gym, some provide a saloon also. By the way, this group has no defined working hours. They work until they are braindead! Technology companies have been successful in brainwashing highly talented pool of techies to think those as rewards, which are just workplace luxuries.

The real reward in a successful career comes in shapes and types. In my view, the real reward is when you enjoy your work, your passion is met and you go home with a bundle of satisfaction. A friend of mine who is an ENT Surgeon says that his day is superb when he operates a cancer patient and remove the ailment. This action improves a life. 

I read an excellent piece by Peter Economy on – He says that the real reward is when companies provide opportunities to learn at the next level, try to keep you for a longer period of time, create a happy workplace, are being honest with employees and say thank you for the work they do for the company.

It is simple – Now you evaluate if your company. Does if follow these five basic things to reward a great team?

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