Definition of a great boss

Do you like your boss?

A question frequently asked. I was thinking if there is a perfect answer?

May be, definition of a great boss is different for different people. May be great bosses do not exist, or they exist only for few people!

In my view defining a great boss requires a bit of unbiased thinking. So for instance, only if my boss takes care of my interest, I cannot put her in best boss’s category. May be it needs a broader justification?

Is it okay to pick occasional irritable behavior as a negative point?

To me I feel that uncertain behavior, inability to deal with pressures and non-committal to lead from the front are definitely not things I would like to see in my boss.  Maureen Henderson writes the following in her article published in forbes.

“Bad bosses come in an almost endless array of flavors. Some are blatantly unethical, abusive, or bigoted, but many more are just flawed in an entirely human way that makes them frustrating to work for, even if it doesn’t brand them as terrible people in general.”

Quite a cruel statement, however since reality bites, this statement stands true for many!

I have worked with a boss who preached transparency and ethics, however, when practicing the same, he lacked character. So kinda faking what he preached!

Since I am a firm believer of keeping things simple, the kind of boss I would like to work with is someone is who understands his team, keeps them well composed in challenging times, accepts failures as part of learning process and rejoices success with the them.

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