Entrepreneurship is a mind set, an attitude, a way of life!

An article for those who are striving to become an entrepreneur or who are already in business

It may happen that a person, after completing his MBA in entrepreneurship, starts working in a job for someone else.

Entrepreneurship is an attitude – This is evident from a very interesting short story as follows: Two sales personnel were sent to an African island to sell shoes. When they reached the island, they realized that not a single person on the island wore shoes. One of them called back to the company and said: There is no scope as people don’t wear shoes at all. However, the other sales person called back to the company and said: There is a big market – we need to have 200,000 pair of shoes immediately!

Someone said: Two men looked outside bars One of them saw mud, the other saw stars!

What do we need to become an entrepreneur? You might have heard many times that we need to have risk appetite or we need capital or we need this or we need that. In his international best seller on entrepreneurship, “E-Myth revisited” , Michael E. Gerber says that in order to have a successful business, a person need to play three roles at the same time.

He / she should be:

1. A leader

2. A manager and

3. A technician

A leader has vision. He / she sees thing in future tense i.e. what would things be in future while a manager is supposed to bring discipline and organization to the work. Finally, as a good technician, the entrepreneur can work on the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the business. He says that a person need to move out of his / her comfort zone and should be ready not only to try new things but to fail and try again. With proper mindset, anyone can become an entrepreneur! Good luck on your journey.

About the author: Malik Mirza my dear friend and inspirer. He is a chartered accountant working as senior manager finance with a telecommunication company. He loves to write, teach and support people to achieve their dreams. He writes regularly at http://wisdomfrombooks.com

About the author

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Halima Mohiuddin
Halima Mohiuddin

It gives aspiring entrepreneurs the much needed push to overcome the overwhelming challenges that assuming all the roles that he/she needs to juggle as an entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing enlightening wisdom.