Giving yourself a fare EQ ranking

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a topic that I have lately been reading about a lot. The concept is simple yet interesting. In simple words, Emotional Intelligence means knowing yourself and people around you and using this awareness to develop and manage relationships at work or in family.

Emotional Intelligence can help in improving your career growth, personal branding and social connectivity or ability to network effectively with people you don’t even know closely. There are numerous researches on this topic, in a recent report tells that EQ is responsible for 58% of your job performance and about 90% top performers fall under high EQ band.

I always believe that women are smarter than men. Interestingly, a study of Emotional and Social Competency Inventory that collected data of 55000 people in 90 countries shows that women outperform men in 11 out of 12 key EQ Competencies.

The study says that:

  • The greatest difference between men and women can be seen in emotional self-awareness, where women are 86% more likely than men to be seen as using the competency consistently (18.4% of women demonstrate the competency consistently compared to just 9.9% of men).
  • Women are 45% more likely than men to be seen as demonstrating empathy consistently.
  • The smallest margin of difference is seen in positive outlook. When it comes to this emotional intelligence competency, women are only 9% more likely to exhibit the competency consistently than men.
  • Other competencies in which women outperform men are coaching & mentoring, influence, inspirational leadership, conflict management, organizational awareness, adaptability, teamwork and achievement orientation.
  • Emotional self-control is the only competency in which men and women showed equal performance.

But the question is: How would you know if you are Emotionally Intelligent?

Logically speaking, EQ is intangible in nature. Means you cannot touch and feel EQ. Almost everyone has certain degree of EQ built-in system. One of the ways to determine your level of EQ is by analyzing how you express yourself, particularly in a challenging environment. Remember, it is about your emotions resulting in certain behaviors and actions. You can also assess your flexibility, adaptability and realization towards your strengths and weaknesses.

You can determine where you stand on the EQ metrics by scoring yourself from 1-10 on the above mentioned points. Giving yourself a fare EQ ranking will need honesty!

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