How BlogDash is connecting Bloggers with Brands

“I have spent my career working with different companies to bring their users or customers together in order to improve their overall user experience” – David Spinks

An entrepreneur originally hailing from Long Island, Spink has been involved in developing social media tools to help integrate the formal PR and marketing channels as per the requirements of the digital world. His focus has been on the demographic of bloggers- with over 450 million active blogs in English language alone, the bloggers are a lucrative market for developers and specialists. David’s various ventures have been designed to connect these potential sellers and buyers as well as provide means of communication for the bloggers themselves.

BlogDash, Co founded by Spinks was exhibited at Blog World in 2010 as a new tool for PR pros and other businesses who wanted to have a bigger reach into the bloggers market. The platform is an advanced form of a blog directory with all the information available for interested businesses to make informed choices on which blogs to pursue as potential clients.

On this platform, profiles are automatically created for existing blogs through publically available information- the team uses 3rd party APIs like Alexa rankings, Google Page Rank and, their own technology and manual searches to gather the most relevant data- these profile can then be claimed by bloggers who wish to do so. Input from bloggers is one of the salient features of BlogDash; once claimed these profiles can then be customized such as providing their ‘pitch settings’ for any businesses who want to contact them. The service is free for bloggers but charges a premium fee for businesses wanting complete access to their services.

The platform has a user friendly interface with video tutorials available for new comers. They have also recently updated their search options to make rooting out potential clients even easier- the website has currently 100,650 blogs registered.  “Everything in BlogDash was made with the specific purpose of helping PR professionals perform blogger outreach in a timely and effective manner. Additionally, this is a platform that is valuable to bloggers as well as the businesses looking to reach them.”

David has also worked for as a Director of Product Marketing and Community. He is also the co-founder of #u30Pro, a community for young professionals which uses twitter as their focus of community building. It started as a twitter chat with just 7 people who shared their insights, experiences and doubts through 140 characters. U30Pro builds up from that theme of having open, good humored and witty chats about topics relevant to entrepreneurs. They initiate weekly twitter chats, have a newsletter subscription and provide valuable links.

Blogger community is becoming powerful way to present stories in more informal manner. BlogDash is cashing on an opportunity to link service providers and service seekers effectively

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