How to deal with Career Choices?

Out from the college and confused. Following is an email I received last evening from a young girl who is qualified enough to start her career in Social Media Marketing or Event Management as these are considered hot careers these days. She was looking at narrow Career Choices!

Read what she says:

I have done BS in Mass Communication, and my major subjects are advertising, event management and PR.
My area of interests are:

  • Event Management 
  • Advertising 
  • Marketing 
  • Social Media 
  • Designing 
  • Textile 

Right now I am doing a job in a school as a teacher. This is a reasonably paid job, but I am not comfortable with it. Every day I think I should quit!

One the sidelines, using my passion to bake, I started a home-based business and selling Cakes using online marketing, mainly Facebook. This is just the start, and orders are not great. My family thinks that I should not to leave the school job because I am still not focused on my career. Kindly help me. Thanks!

My response:

First of all, it’s your career. Does your family understand the career potential in the fastest growing field of social media and social media marketing? – I am sure they have a vague idea only, but I think you know the potential. In my view, teaching is good, but I recommend “do not do what you do not like to do, because you will not do justice with your work”.

Money is important, but in early career, a solid stepping stone is also essential to get your career into a momentum. School job is half-day whereas any other job will be at least 9-5 commitment. You need to make a choice where you want to be in future.

If your plan is to discontinue your studies, stay relaxed and focus on your business,  perhaps school job is a nice option (but not a career – because growth is almost zero). If you go and work for media organizations, PR companies etc, you need to make a solid commitment.

Decide and let me know. I can introduce you to few PR companies.

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Hammad Siddiqui Decoding the Mystery of Career Development- Life coach & Career Advisor-Traveler-Trainer- Authored "Bootstrapping Your Career" and three eBooks -26 Yrs Exp in International Development - A passionate Trainer, Blogger and social media strategist - Qualified from US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management. Loves reading, traveling, mentoring.

Dilshad Ali
Dilshad Ali

Assalam o Alaikum, Though we could not undermine the effectiveness of social media, but i would like to know whether social media is creating problems at the work place? whether employees are compromising their job by spending more time at Social Media? Dilshad Ali, Asst. Secretary APBUMA

A Pakistani
A Pakistani

Its people like these who discourage young educated and energetic people with potential to refrain from teaching and forget that education sector needs development more than any field.... We need to rise above ourselves and think for the growth of our country... Remember we go to schools first and then polish ourselves... Please donot degrade teaching profession....she is not happy there that's different but please don't say there is no growth there....for growth is inside us.