An Ideal Working Environment!

How wants to work in stressed place that is full of politics, no appreciation to your contributions, bad attitude etc. No matter how good your pay packet is, you will be the first person to switch as soon as you get the next opportunity. We all need an ideal working environment.

It is true that the reality of working environment becomes clearer only when you land into a job for few days and find quicksand!

We all try to choose an ideal work place, but often not easy to find perfect or ideal working environment.

What is an ideal working environment? I wanted a solid and wise response, so instead of asking students and youngish, I placed this question before experienced people. Whereas some would think that the answers may range from good salary, nice perks, travel opportunities, favorable working hours – a common response I received was “work that is enjoyable”!

You may not be enjoying where you are currently at work. But for those who land into challenging work environment, there are certain actions to take. Let’s discuss these:

  1. First of all spend few hours listing why do you think that your job is bad.
  2. When this list is developed, try to analyze things that you can fix and make your job enjoyable.
  3. In this list there may be things that are beyond your control. Check if these can be fixed by discussing and sharing some ideas with seniors.
  4. Check if other people in the workplace also consider it a bad place to work.
  5. See if you could share some positive thoughts to help make it a better place.
  6. If you find that the issue is simply bad relationship with your colleagues, try to resolve it through showing a bit of flexibility and humbleness.
  7. You may find that the workplace is controlled by a powerful group of people who are unwilling to soften their attitude. In this case, start looking for other job opportunities.

In my opinion, there is no perfect job or ideal working environment. But as I mentioned above, when a workplace or a job becomes enjoyable, it becomes loveable too. Guide yourself toward this objective to making your job enjoyable!

About the author

Hammad Siddiqui Decoding the Mystery of Career Development- Life coach & Career Advisor-Traveler-Trainer- Authored "Bootstrapping Your Career" and three eBooks -26 Yrs Exp in International Development - A passionate Trainer, Blogger and social media strategist - Qualified from US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management. Loves reading, traveling, mentoring.


i beleive that there are so many difference among us which stop us to grow professionaly and ethically.

Khurram Khan
Khurram Khan

In Pakistan we lack ownership of our job. Some people have this very wrong feeling that they are doing a favor to organization without realizing the fact that actually it is he organization which is more important not any individual. Also people often get dejected if things not happen their way. We spend major part of our day at the work place and it is important that we maintain a happy and relaxed environment. Also in case of any misunderstanding, it is better that employees talk between them to sort out the issue as keeping issues with in one heart is not a good strategy.  

Majid Shabbir
Majid Shabbir

You know that different organizations have difficult cultures and environments, so working conditions may vary from organization to organization. The people working in the organization may encounter different challenges, but these could not only be due to working condition or overall environment of the organization. These may be due to personal issues, because, such people normally blame the organization, but completely ignore their own weak areas. So it is difficult for them to make a good place in the organization, despite of their hard work. It is very important for an employee to be flexible and understandable to align with the organizational working conditions.