In Customer Service, Rudeness is unacceptable – Hey, McDonald’s employees, smile please!

It’s all about how quickly you are able to turnaround customer’s request or order! Customer Service is all about extending courtesies, rudeness is absolutely unacceptable! 

Optimal efficiency means reduced cost of doing business and improved competitiveness.  It is astonishing to see how service industry tries to keep the efficiency of service delivery processes at the highest level. They try to continuously reduce the service delivery time and improve the quality of service – for them every moment counts. More customers they serve with perfection, means more satisfied followers.

Companies have realized that in the current busy environment customers have more choices and less time, there is only one way to attract and retain customers is by providing them highest quality customer service. An experience they should never forget (in a positive way).

I observed a best practice by Starbucks Coffee recently – Order taker writes a code at the cup quickly after taking the order. This helps the server to prepare exactly what you ordered with almost 99.9% perfection. Starbucks wants to give its customers best possible service and this practice works for them.

Food service companies and restaurants are always in search of such best practices. Did you ever notice why restaurant waiters will always repeat your order? They simply want to ensure that they have not misunderstood your order – simple, yet extremely effective process to eliminate mistakes and improve service delivery.

During busy hours, fast food restaurant serve from 300-500 customers in an hour. Perfection is the key, mistakes are lethal because correcting the order requires more time spent on a customer and also waste of food that was prepared for this customer. I have worked at Dairy Queen and can tell you that the only communication between the Till Operator / cashier and cook or service person is the order screen. A wrong punching on Till means a dissatisfied customer!

KFC standard for service deliver is 180 second per customer and Taco Bell serves its customers in 148 second and they are constantly in the race for improving this time. Companies use mystery shoppers to see if their restaurants are using the effective processes or not. For example Chick-fil-A workers are bound to complete and order by saying “My pleasure” and not a typical “You are Welcome”. Pert A Manger, a UK-based fast food chain offers an extra bonus for restaurant if their cashier are more welcoming.

However, referring to a Wall Street Journal’s report, in a recent article at Huffington Post world’s largest fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s is criticized for declining customer service standards. The article says;

The fast-food giant is urging its franchises to be more congenial with customers.

 Rudeness is unacceptable!

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