Jawwad Karim – An MBA who wants to excel in Jewelry Business

An MBA running his jewelry making business is something unusual in Pakistan. I met Jawwad Karim few years ago when he was just out of his studies. He was quite inspiring. Recently reconnected with him. I feel that his career story is a great tool to learn how combining skills and education can help in building business.  Jawwad Karim

“After completing his MBA from IBA in 2010, I started making jewelry for retailers in 2011. Sunar Factory came into being in 2016. I currently have 11 employees and objective is to grow business to absorb 50 employees. Social media is the key driver in my marketing efforts – E-commerce will be the future of jewelry business!

My schooling was confused! I was practically directionless even in my MBA. I wanted to pursue Chemical Engineering. But my parents forced be to do MBA from IBA. To them, an MBA degree could offer better prospects. I was thoroughly miserable during my first two years at IBA and never scored above-average grades. Gradually, I came to terms with business education.

Not following a corporate career was the most challenging decision I have made in my life. I am the eldest son in the family. I was expected to make meaningful contributions to the household finances immediately after graduation. IBA education had conditioned me to think in terms of a nine to five job. In other words, selling time for money and I was an avid reader of biographies and was influenced by the stories of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett etc. At the time of graduation, I was influenced by those stories and wanted to do something bigger with my life. The decision was intimidating. You heard about people staying up at night being apprehensive about future, I experienced that too. First year after my MBA, I made something like Rs 20,000 per month, while my classmates were making 75,000 as Management Trainees. Biographies of people who chose a distinct path influenced me to start something of my own.

My aspiration is to become the biggest exporter of jewelry from Pakistan before I reach 40 years of age. This goal is entirely achievable if I work eighteen hours a day for the next. My vision is to make the jewelry industry of the country completely transparent. People buying jewelry should get what they are paying for – genuine stones, correct Karat of gold and certified diamonds. Right now customers are being exploited – but I know I can change this situation.

I have achieved the following:

  1. My venture SunarFactory has established the concept of Jewelry directly from the Factory for the first time in Pakistan. This means consumers can buy jewelry without retailer’s margin.
  2. Sunar Factory has made diamond jewelry affordable for the masses – just what Tiffany did in USA during 1940’s. I import diamonds directly from the diamond cutting companies. Now even those who thought that a diamond ring is something out of their reach can afford to buy one. And every diamond I sell is certified.
  3. At present I am the only seller of certified birthstones and gemstones in Pakistan. The buyer is assured that the huge sum they are paying for an expensive stone is entirely worth it.
  4. Sunar Factory is the only place where people can get their silver or artificial jewelry plated with gold. I have my own electroplating plant at the factory.
  5. Sunar Factory currently has the only gold testing lab in the country. People who want to sell their gold jewelry can actually measure the value and get the right price. No more exploitation by the jewelry retailers.”

Jawwad believes that jewelry is sold on trust!

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