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Johnica Reed loves jet setting all over the world, utilizing the amazing connectivity provided by the internet and digital social media to keep up with her work. The 21st century has brought new opportunities for anyone who has a talent, skill or unique idea to offer- jobs related to online media don’t need physical office settings and 9-5 regulations, people are increasingly creating new jobs and workable environments on-the-go. Johnica Reed is one of those people who used her own personality to build a lifestyle brand and join the growing internet economy.

            “The consummate jet-setter and global coolhunter, Johnica Reed is the go-to girl for global living in a digital world.”

Reed collects around 200,000 miles annually, travelling for her work which includes writing for her travel blog, meeting clients for various creative projects and promoting the brands she endorses. Starting as a leisure traveler to soak in the various cultures and lifestyles of the work, she managed her personal travel website  as a place to share her experiences.  While this blog was not designed as a work alternative; it brought social exposure for Reed and helped her cultivate relationships with other businesses and personalities interested in taking advantage of digital world.

            “I never intended for my site to actually have a monetization model within the site but I knew it would be a platform that would bring me other projects, whether it was consulting opportunities, teaching opportunities, design opportunities, or freelance writing opportunities.”

Currently she acts a consultant for brands like American Airlines, and Windham Hotels; capitalizing on her extensive knowledge of brand management and social media tech to add to their online presence. Her travelling lifestyle has also prompted contributions to various publications including The Huffington Post, Jetsetter and EBONY.  She was also hired as the VP of Buzz Marketing- where her job entails designing social media strategies and online community development. One of the luxuries of being a frequent flier is that Reed can actually go and meet her diverse roster of clients to engage in personal discussions and seek out beneficial insights for the strategies.

From following her passions to using “digital street” smarts to carve out her own place in the constantly shifting digital media environment; Johnica Reed now makes money out of her passion to travel- Proving that true entrepreneurs know how to create jobs for themselves under circumstances that they can control. She shares advice from her own life for other aspiring youngsters on Young Entrepreneurs Council; specially focusing on how powerful social media is for entrepreneurs building brands and businesses.

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