Maknatees – A Local Brand Made in Pakistan

“Your luck and efforts go hand-in-hand, it’s about being passionate about your work and giving the 100% of what you have and most importantly being ethical in your business practices – A.Samad Nasyr of Maknatees”

Pakistan appears quite low in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s Index. But is this really the case? When it comes to young and dynamic entrepreneurs, there are many in Pakistan. But unfortunately, they are not reported in our media.

I recently met with A.Samad Nasyr of “Maknatees”, a small start-up that is producing T-shirts for exciting moments such as 14th August, Eid etc. I thought I should cover their entrepreneurial story on my blog.



MAKNATEES | Made in Pakistan is an artwork-based clothing company currently offering T-Shirts and Hoodies but aims to expand across more exciting and innovative product lines in future. Landing into an entrepreneurial career was totally experimental – Samad says that  “incidental recognition and fulfillment of need to do something productive with the in-hand time and resources together with doing something for the homeland and for its citizen.” – He thinks that Entrepreneurship is “following your passion through productively developing and / or utilizing the resources available.”

Entrepreneurship does not come without challenges. Few of the challenges for this startup were to make MAKNATEES’ name recognized among masses, capital limitations leading to optimal utilization of available financial and other resources, time and efforts limitations and most importantly surviving among the vendor groups and competitive pressures.

It is tough to start-up a brand / business and to manage it at a sustainable state but it is only the interest combined with determination producing the passion which one requires to grow.

MAKNATEES was started with a small investment of Rs 48,840 (or around US$ 480)- This was 50% personal savings and 50% loan from family, is now reasonably well known brand.  They”

  • Have served hundreds of satisfied customers both locally and internationally.
  • Have expanded its marketing and distribution channels across more than a dozen of agencies / organizations.
  • Have been recognized by thousands of fans which include popular TV celebrities, sportsmen, RJs, musicians, social-media personalities, photographers, artists etc.
  • Have annual business growth averaging more than 100% in terms of initial investment and annual sales / revenues.

“Entrepreneurship helps you sharpen your confidence. I have improved my communication skills, know a lot more about strategic marketing, market research, trends, promotion etc. But two major points are, that I am now connected with several inspiring and famous / powerful personalities and am now more patriotic and appreciate those little things which belong to my homeland, Pakistan.”

A Chartered Accountancy Student professionally working as an Internal Audit trainee at one of Big Four firms, at Karachi, I call him an entrepreneur, but Samad likes to call himself as the Brand Manager for Maknatees.

Brand’s Background

Launched: 14th August 2011

Mission: To let Pakistanis attract to their roots fashionably.

Description: Maknatees products are focused at an average Pakistani, the concept is simple – designs are totally random but they revolve around what people of Pakistan generally see around them, things such as Buses / Bus Stops, Local Famous Phrases, 90’s Drama Characters, Truck Art, Pakistan’s World Cup 1992 victory, A Car Number Plate with AFR-420 tag, Noor Jehan’s musical hit fused with the VOTE / Elections 2013 drive.

About the author

Hammad Siddiqui Decoding the Mystery of Career Development- Life coach & Career Advisor-Traveler-Trainer- Authored "Bootstrapping Your Career" and three eBooks -26 Yrs Exp in International Development - A passionate Trainer, Blogger and social media strategist - Qualified from US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management. Loves reading, traveling, mentoring.

AKHKULAY | Inspiring Art
AKHKULAY | Inspiring Art

No Doubt Maknatees are doing great job not only by just selling t-shirts but by bringing art and innovation come together by sticking to the Pakistani roots, all the designs are relative to each one of us. The one most important thing about Maknatees is that they don't compromise on the quality and which i guess is the main factor when purcahsing an item. Plus i would really like to add that the Owner Mr. AbdulSAMAD is very kind, honest and humble person and is very cooperative. I wish him success and best of luck in all he do


Other than a close friend Samad is a true entreprenuer... Like in the books they say do what you love and love what you do, Samad is a clear example of it... Made in Pakistan t-shirts make you feel proud when you wear them... Excellent write up Hammad bro... :)