Meet Amazing Ammar Haider

Search the word Amazing on google – You will find “astonishing, causing great surprise or wonder” and informally, very impressive, excellent.

Ammar Haider

To me amazing means something beyond imagination, above expectation and far from the vision of a common person.

People remember amazing stuff and amazing people.

One of the greatest entrepreneur of the recent times is Richard Branson of Virgin. He said that “Don’t think what is the cheapest way to do it, or fastest way to do it. Think what is the most amazing way to do it”.

Indra Nooyi, Chief Executive, Pepsi co made made an amazing announcement in 2015. She said that “Pepsi is no longer a soda company. With less than 25% of global sales coming from soda, she told investors that focusing solely on carbonated beverages was “a thing of the past,” and that emphasizing healthier products would “future-proof” Pepsi’s portfolio”.

One of the most inspiring tech entrepreneur Steve Jobs who created some of the most exciting technologies for us said, “We made the buttons on screen look so good that you will want to lick them”. – Amazing indeed!

After years, I met an amazing young guy Ammar Hairder and thought I should share his views with my readers. Ammar is a digital marketing and sports marketing professional. He worked in Pakistan as well as in the Middle East. Given that the digital space is growing and exciting opportunities are being created for amazing people, Ammar wants to enjoy working in this space, from his home or while sitting in his car. He has traveled many places without interrupting his professional career. He has seen places not many have dreamed about. He wants to be on the move all the time to experience the amazing world around him.

At this young age, he is envisioning to grow the market for sports in Pakistan. He has identified weak areas and now creating linkages between sports and sponsors. That is amazing indeed!

In simple words, you don’t need to be Indra or Richard or Steve to show how amazing you are. I believe that anyone can be amazing, it’s a matter of a bit of open mindedness and a little extra vision, by this, I mean mental vision!

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