Meet Kanwal Masroor – Who grew from Rubble!

“Do not wait or expect that anyone will come and help or support – It is you only who could deal with life challenges” – Kanwal Masroor 

Kanwal Masroor

Meet Kanwal Masroor. At the age of 13, he started working as a child labour in a garment factory. He took life challenges heads on. Continued his education in extremely difficult circumstances and became an entrepreneur running his software business. I am sure his interview will be inspiring for many young people. 

I am an entrepreneur and running a successful software house. Always eager to take risks and thinking something big to do. Trying to think positive in everything and in every condition. Always optimistic in situations and full of energy.

My passion is to become an industry icon and build a real silicon valley in Pakistan.

Continuing studies was a luxury for me. I completed my SSC exam during my labour work, I couldn’t buy books so I always borrowed from my neighbors. After completing my 12 grades, I joined an office as a computer operator. That was a complete turnaround to what I experienced in my early life. I was more stable and working in a good learning environment. Computers became my passion. But during that period, survival and brining three meals a day to the table remained problematic for a long period of time. Obviously, other luxuries such as shoes, cloths etc. were not even thinkable!

I always wanted to be number one and dropped everything what came my way to impact my future. I continued studies and completed my Masters in computer science. That was the next jump in my career, from a computer operator to a software developer!

Given that the situation has changed completely, I still feel weak in certain areas. Trusting people, a bit of time management, financial management (particularly managing cash-flow), and team creation are some things I am working on. Failed dozens of times in my life but I rise every time with more energy. 

Having volunteered with organizations such as JumpStart and some other NGOs, in 2015 2015, I started my own initiative to promote technology by the name of TECH Pakistan and now we have grown as a large technology organization, people from abroad contacting us to be partner in different activities. 

I think I am a bit over ambitious. Global ranked me 187th most influential social media person. I want to provide home-based jobs and for that I have already established a platform, my dream is to enroll 2000 people by the end of 2017.

Lesson are learnt from those who failed and grew from rubble!




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