Motivating a Dead Sales Team – Seth Godin Style

Single money making arm in any organization is the “Sales Team”. However, they are usually distressed and lack

Seth Godin’s Tribes

motivation. Reviving dead sales teams is a nightmare for senior management. Revival is often done through motivation. In my opinion, it will only be possible if ground realities are understood and factors leading to lack of motivation are determined properly.

I read that some team leaders also apply NLP techniques that help in balancing human emotions and reducing fear of failures to meet the targets. But perhaps the most effective way to motivate a sales team is by empowering them through trainings and idea sharing.

Seth Godin, one of the greatest marketers of this era says:

“Team leaders should aim to enhance the psychology of the team members focusing towards a unified vision”.

He gave an interesting approach for team motivation – convert a group of sales people in to a “Tribe”. In his views, using this approach, team members are generally transformed by sharing interest, creating passionate goals and desire for change. Seth says that this approach also helps improve inter-departmental communication and leverages on expertise.

He recommends a 4-step process for creating a tribe:

  • Appreciation: One of the key tools for motivation. Team leaders must learn to acknowledge good work as well as good results.
  • Empowerment through Training: Not many sales teams go through a continuous improvement process. Trainings should be embedded in the business plan which should be followed strictly. Team leaders must appreciate that trainings refreshes ideas and are essential for improving team performance.
  • Work-Life Balance: As humans, we all deserve decent work-life balance. Companies that forget providing their sales team a decent work-life balance, experience quick turnover of employees, which is detrimental for organizations.
  • Boot-out underperformers: Often an underperformer de-motivates others team members. After given guidance and opportunity to improve, if a team member does not perform well, he should be terminated.

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