Owais Zaidi – Story of Career Progression


I am always in search of exciting career stories. These stories are not only inspiration for me, but also through my blogs are learning for my readers and followers. Owais Zaidi & Hammad Siddiqui

This time my search took me to The Hive, a premium co-working space being created by my friend Owais Zaidi. Owais is excited about his new venture. He told me that The Hive will be an unusual cluster of entrepreneurial activities, a great place to hangout with mentors and will help spun ideas into some thrilling business opportunities.

Having known Owais for over 20 years, I know he can make things happen.

Right from his childhood, determination to achieve excellence has been his way of leading life. At the age of six, he quit school aiming to one of the most prestigious educational institution in Pakistan “The Habib Public School”. He worked hard, appeared in competitive exams and finally was successful in getting admission at Habib Public. Since raising bar has been his thing, his only focus for a graduate school was Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Achieving his MBA, he decided to challenge his career by entering into investment banking. But his longer term objective was to do things differently.

His ability to sell his ideas took him to a technology investor. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career when he started his first tech company 2B Technologies. 2B was a call center and a software development and deployment company. 2B had the distinction of being the first Pakistani VC funded company. As business ventures move in both directions, 2B was taken-over by other people. After his exit from 2B, Owais worked with Gul Ahmed group to help them in their foray in technology space. He created Arwen Tech, a technology services and outsourcing Solutions Company for the textile group. After getting Arwen Tech of the ground, Owais joined Access Group as Chief Operating Officer. During this period, he pioneered introduction of Mobile Wallets in Pakistan’s in collaboration with Fundamo (later acquired by Visa). Next he moved to Dubai to setup and lead Access Group’s Middle East business.

Two years down the line, he moved back to Pakistan to join Zong as Director Platform and Partnerships. Currently he has three ventures under his entrepreneurial umbrella. These ventures are Penello Studio (Animation Company), Credit Fix (an innovative fintech pioneering digital credit in Pakistan) and The Hive.

Owais says that one of the most exciting part of his career has been his habit of taking challenges and raising his bar with every success and failure. He believes he has made far too many mistakes and continues to make them. His only effort is to make a new mistake every time rather than repeating old ones. He learned to stop regretting a long time ago. In fact he feels this is his greatest learning to enjoy the ride that is life and take success and failure are just things that happen on the way. No one gets out of this ride alive.

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