Richard Branson Loves Mentoring – Mentoring is fun

Mentoring is fun!

I love mentoring these young lads who are often stuck in their business ideas, confused and frustrated.

Recently, I was speaking with my mentees at TownTawks, a small start-up with big ideas. The issue was their inability to bring small shop owners online and it was pinching them. Potential customers who do not use a computer for inventory management were reluctant to sign-up for TownTawks services.

They were struggling in finding a solution, a practical and cost effective solution to bring these potential customers online. They knew that once they are online, they will be spoiled, they will know how easy it is to increase their market outreach and also to manage their inventory effectively.

However, they were unable to figure out how they can provide those a solution who have not used computer in business and were also unwilling to do so!

I asked them if they had figured out the reason for reluctance by small business owners. Yes, they said, “They are not sure if this will work for them” – Okay to bring them onboard, what we need to do is to give them experience. And one way to give them experience is by hiring a staff member who will go around with his laptop to all these shops and manage their inventories. Simple solution!

Most of the times issues can be resolved with simple efforts – Simple thinking – Simple Asking. However there are people who make simple things extremely complicated by keep thinking about these things and not acting on ideas, not implementing small stuff, not talking to people around them. Issues are often not that complicated, we make them complicated – Do simple stuff, speak to people who can help you take your ideas to the next level.

Richard Branson also loves mentoring. He does not miss an opportunity to speak to people and share his experiences and advise them on fixing issues. Mentoring helps, it really does.

“Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind. Giving people advice on how they can best achieve their goals is something that is often overlooked.” – Richard Branson 

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