Sara Adil Awan – A Social Media Professional

Sara Adil Awan is a social media professional. I interviewed her to see how she progressed in her career and what her future aspirations are.

Sara and her adorable daughter

Sara and her adorable daughter

I am a full time mother to two babies. The Digital Factory, my start-up that is almost two years old and Samar, my six month old daughter. I started my career by writing freelance articles for a content management firm and then a brief internship turned job at Kalsoft Pakistan. But my first real job was at Creative Chaos as a Social Media Executive in 2012. That job kick-started my career in my opinion.

My passion is my profession. I love my job. I love having the power to impact people’s lives through marketing. Brands are a part of everyone’s lives and I strongly believe that brands have the power to change a society’s perceptions and help in shaping our culture. I wish to develop digital products that can help in making life better for people.

As far as studies are concerned, I loved dramatics and projects and outdoorsy stuff but I was never really into studying. Thanks to my teachers I did manage to scrape quite good grades though.I wanted to study Business Administration but I had to drop out of Szabist in my first semester due to financial issues. It took me a long time to get over my insecurity that I didn’t have a degree but now I am sure that nothing can stop you if you put your mind to it.

The biggest challenge was having to drop out of college right after my sister’s demise. It was terribly heartbreaking. Suddenly, my life was falling apart. But then one day, one of my friends who used to work at Creative Chaos told me that his boss wanted to interview me for a position. He had seen my Twitter profile and thought I had potential. I went for the interview and had the job in 15 minutes. It goes to show that even the most insignificant things we do out of love can turn into opportunities.

I read somewhere that failure is a great thing because it gives you a chance to get back up and start over. I don’t think there is anything in this world that is un-achievable. All you need to do is focus on what your skill set is and what you love doing and invest time into that.

I used to volunteer for SIUT – Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant. It was the most humbling and eye opening experience of my life. It taught me how to be grateful, kind, empathetic and sensitive to other people’s pain.

The thing that changed my life – Having a baby. It gives you a lot of perspective on what is important in life. Once you have something concrete that takes up so much of your time, you tend to pass up on things that you otherwise would have engaged in. Now, I think twice before making a commitment and it has really made me a more productive person with a much filtered yet supportive social circle.

One key lesson I learnt in my life is “Just keep swimming”.

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