Small Business Start-up face challenges right from the beginning

Start-up companies face many challenges right from the beginning.

This is a follow-up post by Irfan Elahi of a technology Start-up TownTawks. I have been mentoring them as and when they need me.

Towntawks, the startup idea that we are pursuing is actually working on the junction of Technology & Marketing by seamlessly unifying Social, Location, Commerce & Mobile (SoLoCoMo) frontiers. Our in-production web2.0 Application will introduce a syndicated Commerce & Online Marketing management solution for retail industry with the aim to intelligently bridge them prospective consumers and shopaholics. Its aimed to the Next Big Thing in Consumer & Retail Industry by becoming the defacto portal comprising a shared experience ecosystem for both silos (Consumers & Retailers) i.e. sharing in purchase experiences, interacting with products through connected apps, and influencing decisions through social and mobile networks.

Mentorship broadly falls under two major categories (technical and business management). We were fortunate to have unsurpassed technical mentorship from Mr. Ehtsham who shared his insight about UI patterns, scalable web application architecture on periodic basis with us on various channels. But we were feeling the dire need of an experienced mentor specifically for business management operations. Because startup isn’t only about developing a great product. Its also about generating and running a business around that and various other verticals like marketing, finance etc fall under this broad category of business management. So the quest to find a great mentor commenced in parallel to other operations of startup. We pinged a lot of figures in our network and beyond but finding someone investing his/her time in a startup which is in highly early stage was something that poked a lot of wheels in our pursuit. We again saw the wonders of Seek and you shall find mantra.

It was a bright day and while browsing the FB news feeds, we came across some of my friends buzzing about some online conference about social media which was starting in just a few minutes. Social Media! Our domain! We gotta attend that. We didn’t know who was the speaker and what was the agenda of that meeting but as learning had always been our passion so we hopped into the online conference. That Conference was all about social media, its explosive growth, challenges and how to leverage that for businesses. One of the speakers of that online conference was Mr. Hammad Siddiqui. He was the only Pakistani speaker in that conference officially representing Pakistan and was talking about the most hot-debated topic i.e. Social media.

Though we aren’t flattering but his presentation was the most interesting one and he shared invaluable statistics about social media that added a lot to our insight. After the session, we were quite intrigued by his impressive acumen and gripped with the urge to explore the possibilities of his cooperation as our mentor, we started finding his profile on facebook and it didn’t take much time for us to find so. Its observed that high-class figures are usually quite reserved in accepting in-bound friends request from anonymous joes and especially from youngsters but he amicably accepted our friends request which added more to our confidence. After a few days, we shared our plea for his mentorship along with our brief introduction and synopsis of our idea. To our surprise, we won his consent for mentoring and it was indeed a huge encouragement for us all (that we celebrated in our startup office in our unique way ;).

Keep watching for the next post from TownTawks in a weeks time.

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