Social Media Marketing – Some Poor Examples from Pakistan

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

 Social media is an effective channel for Marketing and promoting brands and  products. Facebook in particular is a popular platform in Pakistan. In the last couple of years, brands have realized the importance of using social media for customer engagement. However, due to the lack of a strategic vision, there is a large number that is not reaping the potential benefits of social media in Pakistan.

Following are three unique examples of least effective Facebook Pages. Kindly note that I have randomly selected these pages and I am not a customer of these companies or brands.

I used the basic criteria for this analysis that includes:

  • Number of fans
  • Frequency of updates
  • Quality of information
  • Customer engagement

Brands For Less: is a clothing retail outlet. They import and sell famous international brands through their shop in the posh area of Zamzama in Karachi. Current fan base is a little over 6,000. They are highly ineffective user of their Facebook Page. Following are the key reasons:

Frequency of updates: Page was last updated on March 2nd 2013.

Quality of information: They upload mostly pictures that are not attractive or provide details of colors or price range.

Customer engagement: Nil. The last engagement they had was in February 2013 when a customer asked them a question “do you keep cloths for kids”

Innovation Pakistan: is a Furniture Store with focus on home décor and interior designing. They are based in Defense Lahore, which is an up market location in the second largest city of Pakistan. They currently have close of 6000 fans.

Frequency of Updates: Their frequency of updates is one to two updates every day.

Quality of information: There is lack of focus on the quality of information and consistency of information.

Customer engagement: Although they are using facebook survey tool and also posting competition, their customer engagement is ineffective as the response rate to these is negligible.

Kurkurae Pakistan: product is packaged snack. Facebook fan page currently stands at 224,000 fans.

Frequency of updates: Is an average of one update every two to three days.

Quality if information: They are currently focusing only of pushing their names. Information is not exciting in at all.

Customer engagement: Since updates are not exciting, there is hardly any customer engagement.

Facebook or any other social media platform can only be effective if there is a strategic thought behind the initiative! 

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Nouman Younas
Nouman Younas

Frequency of Updates is major reason , mostly ppl dont care about relevant posts. Innovation Pakistan.. page is not opening... really shocked to see Kurkure Pakistan page which has 200k+ fans with around 1k talking :s