Staff Promotion Nightmare | Challenge for Career Development

One of the most crucial decisions senior managers make in team building is promoting the “Right Guy”. Consider the friction that is generated when someone younger and relatively inexperienced is promoted. I have heard a experienced board member saying “One should know the value of OLD WINE!”

If we look at the pattern in professionally managed organisations, managers follow to classic rules:

Promotion by numbers:

For instance, person who brings in most sales, is promoted as regional manager. This concept was originally promoted by Harold Geneen , a famous US entrepreneur (1910-1997). Geneen always believed in “Make your number or you are out of here”.  Probably true today as well!

Promotion by the personality:

In this case, a person with strong (kind of dominating) personality is promoted to run the overall management affairs of the organization. These are generally those who have the ability to inspire and motivate others.

I have arguments against both processes:

In my view, if a company follows “promote by numbers” process. Everyone in the race is working towards short-term number goals and that often compromises the long-term vision of the organization and hence the downfall begins. And in some cases it also promotes “The fear factor” – “  if I do not make my numbers this year, I am not going to be around next year”, hence demoralization.

In the latter scenario, I believe over smart leaders who focus only on inspiring and motivating, also become weak in what we call “deal closing ability”, often fall into their own traps created around their strong personalities.

Perhaps the best way is to amalgamate the above two and add an element of “Visionary Progress”. This means selecting individuals who have already exhibited elements of visionary leadership and have shown acceptance towards managing in a “vacuum” and are able to focus at the end game despite distractions and challenges posed by the issues around them.

And on the value of “OLD WINE”,  I say, it is not only the age of this wine, but also the quality of grapes and the fermentation process!

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