Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Why do you want to be satisfied?

Remember Steve Jobs Said “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” – He meant that you must remain in the developmental phase. Eagar enough to learn new things, keep building your skills, knowledge and experience – That perhaps is the only way to climb higher in your career and to beat the job market competition.

Try to analyze yourself today – Check if your job is becoming an easy game for you and there are no more challenges. If that is the case, you have slimmer opportunities for growth.

This means you may have fallen into “Satisfaction Trap” – You are enjoying the easiness of your work. It is a piece of cake for you now.

Bad luck!

Get yourself out of Satisfaction Trap. Do something additional, seek more responsibilities, add numbers to your sales target, and push yourself a bit more. You will grow only if you have chosen this path!

Life is not about luxury at work. Luxury means stagnation.

Luxury means: No more thinking process, no more excitement, no more challenges.

Learn a skill that you may not need at your job, but it may help in developing your mental profile, try learning a language, a new software or at least read a new book related to your expertise.

Experiment with a new process, a new way of doing things you have been doing as a routine. Challenge yourself to write a weekly piece with 200 words. This is creativity. It will allow you to think beyond your daily work. It will trigger the urge to learn more and write more and better.

Try to find your time-wasters. You will be looser if you have couple of hour time-wasters added to your limited life every day. Calculate how much time you will waste in a week.

By removing time-wasters from your life, you will add productive hours. These productive hours will help you in your career development.

Remember: Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

About the author

Hammad Siddiqui Decoding the Mystery of Career Development- Life coach & Career Advisor-Traveler-Trainer- Authored "Bootstrapping Your Career" and three eBooks -26 Yrs Exp in International Development - A passionate Trainer, Blogger and social media strategist - Qualified from US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management. Loves reading, traveling, mentoring.