Are Social Media Experts Reliable?

Social Media Websites and corporate blogs are now becoming popular tools for brand development and promotion for entrepreneurs and corporations. Recent emergence of social media has opened other venues for entrepreneurs to consider for brand development and promotion. The fact is that not every entrepreneur has the time and knowledge of tools available in the […]

The world is filled with talented poor people – In Business – There is only one way to make money!

Business is good, business is bad – Economy is melting down etc, these are the statements we hear in business conversations, business dinners and in the media. I have however noticed that vibrant entrepreneurs do not complaint; they follow the simple route of making money – “Increase sales at minimum cost”. Think about it, there […]

Entrepreneurship is about turning crazy ideas into Profits

1/3rd Idea, 1/3rd Hard work and 1/3rd Luck – I heard this from a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor only last week! In my opinion, entrepreneurship is an addiction without cure. Once into entrepreneurship career, failures become learning, time becomes money, ideas become cash cows and success becomes the ultimate objective.  Turning ideas into opportunities  Securing […]

Entrepreneurship is Beyond Money Management

A number of new businesses sprung up in the time of recession. After failure to find a suitable job, most people try to enter into entrepreneurship career. But due to unstable economic conditions and lack of their abilities to face the entrepreneurship challenges, some succeed, some not. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has […]