Are Social Media Experts Reliable?

Social Media Websites and corporate blogs are now becoming popular tools for brand development and promotion for entrepreneurs and corporations. Recent emergence of social media has opened other venues for entrepreneurs to consider for brand development and promotion. The fact is that not every entrepreneur has the time and knowledge of tools available in the […]

Coffee Shop Guru – A Social Entrepreneurship Project

Coffee Shop Gurus is a platform where young people would join hands with experts and bring to reality their entrepreneurial ideas. The experts will help start with channels like social media and websites where investment in very less and great results can be achieved in return. The power of developing websites for the business/ products, […]

What is Entrepreneurship?

Buzz word is Entrepreneurship! Does this concept vary from country to country? A million Dollar Question! Research tells that entrepreneurs work on the similar philosophy and their culture, location or environment does not make any difference. They turn the crazy ideas into profits, taking risk, engaging resources, creating wealth and generating employment. The only difference […]

From Marketing Manager to an Entrepreneur- Meet Shamim Akhtar

“In 1996, I landed into entrepreneurial career due to my passion to become a successful entrepreneur, it was a decision I will always rejoice! – Shamim Akhtar owner of Care Marketing. A dynamic women entrepreneur, Shamim Akhtar believes in nature, her business is related to import and marketing of healthcare products made from natural ingredients. […]

London Riots – A bird’s Eye View by Moin M Fudda

“Everyone watching these horrific actions will be struck by how they were organized via social media -Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill”. British Prime Minister David Cameron says that the British government is, seeking to prevent a repeat of riots and looting in London […]

Entrepreneurship is a mind set, an attitude, a way of life!

An article for those who are striving to become an entrepreneur or who are already in business It may happen that a person, after completing his MBA in entrepreneurship, starts working in a job for someone else. Entrepreneurship is an attitude – This is evident from a very interesting short story as follows: Two sales […]

Power of Entrepreneurship – Mehwish Abdul Sattar

From a laboratory assistant at biochemistry lab to CEO of two Information Technology Companies, yes, one and only Mehwish Abdul Sattar! For her “The power to create Business for yourself and “others” as well is the true Spirit of entrepreneurship”. After completing her Masters in Genetics, where she learnt to do DNA testing, making hybrids, cloning etc, […]