Human aspects of a workplace- Sustainable employment

Human emotions play a vital role in the success or failure of an individual. Without realizing, we all get impacted with happenings around us. I was lucky to connect with Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak, a scientifically founded Executive Coach, schooled in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Teaching. Zsuzsanna is committed to improve lives […]

“Making a Fortune – Learning from the Asian Phenomenon” – By Spinder Dhaliwal

In Britain, Asian community is being considered as one of the most progressive and enterprising. These immigrants have not only  adjusted in the British culture, but also created some excellent businesses, creating employment for thousands and contributing millions to the exchequer. I recently read a book “Making a Fortune – Learning from the Asian Phenomenon” […]

Will Social media replace the Old Traditions?

There is no doubt that Social Media is changing the way information and knowledge is shared in real time. Things are happening much faster, and innovations and improvements are literally every minute. After reading my ebook “Social Media for Corporate Leaders” which is now available on slideshare and youtube too, I received an interesting comment […]

Referral sales – Tool for Making Viral Profits

Majority of companies do not believe in referral programs. They keep spending on advertisements, promotions and reduced price sales, without realizing that making new customer is more expensive as compared to retaining one. And loyal customers can bring further sales through referral programs. Sales teams keep debating whether referral programs can accomplish anything other than […]

When Changing Job is not a good Option!

Based on experience and talent, we all expect to earn close to market salary. At some places, it happens automatically, particularly in case of multinational companies and larger corporations. However in case of small ownerships and family businesses, salary raise is subject to employer’s ability and willingness to pay additional amount from his kitty! However, […]

Without a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – How do I enter the Job Market?

Recently I was guiding a young lad on entering into job market in Pakistan. I gave him about 45 minutes explainining how important it is to identify your USP, which in return helps in job hunting. I thought I gave him hard time, and he might not contact me again – but to my utter […]

Unleashing the Power of Effective Communication

Most people consider that bringing change in society is challenging, particularly if you wish to bring this change via written communication. But not many have experienced that effective communication has a divine power! To PSO: Recently, I managed to bring that change by engaging Pakistan’s largest public sector organization “Pakistan State Oil” in email communication. […]