Jobs with Job Title Leader

That is bothering me for quite some time. Jobs with Job title “Leader” are not often advertised. Job advertisements usually have keywords such as communication skills, presentation skills, team player, committed etc. How many job advertisements did you see with word “Leader”, I guess none or very few. So the question here is: Why companies […]

Why So Few Leaders Offer New Ideas

Leadership is a well written topic. There are numrous explanation on leadership traits. In one of my blogs, I wrote that Creativity is perhaps a key Factor in Leadership Competency. Recently I read an excellent article written by Richard Brody focusing the similar views. I am grateful to Richard for allowing me to publish his article on […]

Entrepreneurship is a mind set, an attitude, a way of life!

An article for those who are striving to become an entrepreneur or who are already in business It may happen that a person, after completing his MBA in entrepreneurship, starts working in a job for someone else. Entrepreneurship is an attitude – This is evident from a very interesting short story as follows: Two sales […]

Staff Promotion Nightmare | Challenge for Career Development

One of the most crucial decisions senior managers make in team building is promoting the “Right Guy”. Consider the friction that is generated when someone younger and relatively inexperienced is promoted. I have heard a experienced board member saying “One should know the value of OLD WINE!” If we look at the pattern in professionally […]

7 Power Traits for Highly Effective Leaders

There is no dearth of material on leadership. This is perhaps the most discussed topic in the corporate world. Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or most recent Strengths Based Leadership, by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie, almost all management experts agree that leaders have some unusual instincts that others do not possess. […]

My Customer is My King (‘If you do not take care of your customers, someone else will’ – Clark Harley)

How many times did you personally suffer with bad after sales service? If you have, will you go back to the same company, or even recommend your friends that specific product? I guess the answer will be a BIG NO! I tell my entrepreneur friends and trainees, that your customer is your king! And in […]

Creativity, a key Factor in Leadership Competency

The acceptable definition of creativity is “Production of something original and useful”. If we look back, in the past 10 years, some interesting innovations were introduced in the marketplace. Itouch, Segway, iPod, Clone dog, Cindy smart doll, Sonic Toothbrush, Dolly the sheep, iPhone, Wi-Fi, Gameboy, eBay, IPod etc are few commonly known products. A recent […]