The Question is: Salesmen are Born or Developed?

Lately I was in discussion with my friend Ashraf Chaudhry: Are sales people born or developed? Ashraf said that “I have not heard any mother shouting in the labor room that she has given birth to a salesman”! Whereas my view is that sales is a natural skill every human being posses, however only few […]

Sales and Customer Service – Eye contact is an essential element

Human eyes have mystical powers. However the ability to use this unique quality is unknown to many. I feel sorry for those sales and customer service professionals who do not make an eye contact with their customers. And if some of them do, their eyes reflect frustration! Experienced sales and customer service professionals emphasis on […]

Motivating a Dead Sales Team – Seth Godin Style

Single money making arm in any organization is the “Sales Team”. However, they are usually distressed and lack motivation. Reviving dead sales teams is a nightmare for senior management. Revival is often done through motivation. In my opinion, it will only be possible if ground realities are understood and factors leading to lack of motivation […]

Effective Cold Calling Improves Sales Volume

We all receive cold calls. This is considered as one of the most effective technique for improving sales. With outbound call centers established at India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Cyprus etc – cost of sales have significantly gone down. From insurance companies, to selling broadband connections and training programs to holidays, there is an ever growing […]

My Customer is My King (‘If you do not take care of your customers, someone else will’ – Clark Harley)

How many times did you personally suffer with bad after sales service? If you have, will you go back to the same company, or even recommend your friends that specific product? I guess the answer will be a BIG NO! I tell my entrepreneur friends and trainees, that your customer is your king! And in […]