Are Social Media Experts Reliable?

Social Media Websites and corporate blogs are now becoming popular tools for brand development and promotion for entrepreneurs and corporations. Recent emergence of social media has opened other venues for entrepreneurs to consider for brand development and promotion. The fact is that not every entrepreneur has the time and knowledge of tools available in the […]

Coca Cola Branding Strategy at London Olympics 2012

Coca Cola is one of the key sponsors of London Olympics 2012. Tough for Pepsi, they will gain massive mileage during the 17 days event. As a branding strategy, Coke has always associated its brand with the feeling of togetherness and joy. How could they let go this opportunity that comes after five years! After […]

Twitter Will Rule London Olympics But Volunteers and Players are Restricted!

London Olympics will be tweeted massively. This is the first event of this magnitude for Twitter and users all over the world will follow and engage with tweets about sports they love. To faclitate social media users, in London, a hudge Wi-Fi network has been created which will be 100% free! British Telecom operator O2 […]

Technology Challenges for Corporate Leaders

Rapid change in technology deployed in our office environment creating an unusual challenge for corporate leaders. They not only need to keep up with the developments in the corporate world, but also required learning and practicing these ever developing technologies. Acquiring knowledge and use it effectively not only requires time and energy but also financial […]

Social Media Marketing | The Changing Trend

A report published at Bloomberg suggests that; “Market for social media management tools grow over 100% to $970 million in 2016, from $389 million this year.” The trend for marketing is changing through the globe. There are studies that show that fewer people are reading newspaper ads or billboards. According to Mashable  “more people get […]

Business Opportunities in the age of Social Media

Social Media Marketing My recent posts focused on business opportunities available through social media. There is no doubt that social media is an extension of online businesses, but the same also provides business promotion opportunities for non-online business too. This post is about some examples of how businesses in Pakistan are using social media to […]

Do you Still Need an Effective Cover Letter?

The question is, Do you still need an effective cover letter to go with your CV? I have written enough on how job search techniques are changing with the emerging dynamics of recruitment. It is now a known fact that more and more jobs are now available through social media networks as compared to traditional newspaper […]