Referral sales – Tool for Making Viral Profits

Majority of companies do not believe in referral programs. They keep spending on advertisements, promotions and reduced price sales, without realizing that making new customer is more expensive as compared to retaining one. And loyal customers can bring further sales through referral programs. Sales teams keep debating whether referral programs can accomplish anything other than […]

Faisal Rahim – A Dynamic Pakistani Entrepreneur

“I enjoy the liberty to and analyze opportunities under my own microscope and take risks for my future growth– Fantasy of Entrepreneurship is unexplainable” – Meet Faisal Rahim, CEO, Total Communications –  Pakistan’s top event management company. I know Faisal for around 20 years and have witnessed his entrepreneurial journey right from the beginning. This […]

Your Team Sucks! Team Building Challenges for Entrepreneurs

It is too difficult to develop and retain an effective team! True. Entrepreneurs struggle and often fail to build effective teams. The iconic industrialist Henry Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” One needs to take a deeper insight the above quote from Henry Ford and try […]

My Customer is My King (‘If you do not take care of your customers, someone else will’ – Clark Harley)

How many times did you personally suffer with bad after sales service? If you have, will you go back to the same company, or even recommend your friends that specific product? I guess the answer will be a BIG NO! I tell my entrepreneur friends and trainees, that your customer is your king! And in […]