When Changing Job is not a good Option!

Based on experience and talent, we all expect to earn close to market salary. At some places, it happens automatically, particularly in case of multinational companies and larger corporations. However in case of small ownerships and family businesses, salary raise is subject to employer’s ability and willingness to pay additional amount from his kitty! However, […]

Without a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – How do I enter the Job Market?

Recently I was guiding a young lad on entering into job market in Pakistan. I gave him about 45 minutes explainining how important it is to identify your USP, which in return helps in job hunting. I thought I gave him hard time, and he might not contact me again – but to my utter […]

Unleashing the Power of Effective Communication

Most people consider that bringing change in society is challenging, particularly if you wish to bring this change via written communication. But not many have experienced that effective communication has a divine power! To PSO: Recently, I managed to bring that change by engaging Pakistan’s largest public sector organization “Pakistan State Oil” in email communication. […]

Power of Entrepreneurship – Mehwish Abdul Sattar

From a laboratory assistant at biochemistry lab to CEO of two Information Technology Companies, yes, one and only Mehwish Abdul Sattar! For her “The power to create Business for yourself and “others” as well is the true Spirit of entrepreneurship”. After completing her Masters in Genetics, where she learnt to do DNA testing, making hybrids, cloning etc, […]

Tool for Entry Level Job Seekers | Career Development

A young MBA Finance with 3.7 GPA recently met with me for career advice. I was amazed (kind a shocked) to observe his lack career direction. But I soon realized, it was not his mistake. Our educational institutions, even the top business schools do not provide a career path. They expect every brilliant student will […]

Staff Promotion Nightmare | Challenge for Career Development

One of the most crucial decisions senior managers make in team building is promoting the “Right Guy”. Consider the friction that is generated when someone younger and relatively inexperienced is promoted. I have heard a experienced board member saying “One should know the value of OLD WINE!” If we look at the pattern in professionally […]

Motivating a Dead Sales Team – Seth Godin Style

Single money making arm in any organization is the “Sales Team”. However, they are usually distressed and lack motivation. Reviving dead sales teams is a nightmare for senior management. Revival is often done through motivation. In my opinion, it will only be possible if ground realities are understood and factors leading to lack of motivation […]