Why take at least one Brave Decision in your life?

Who are those people who take one brave decision that leaps them to success?

Corporate history of full of such stories. Remember Steve Jobs dropping out of school in search of his love for art, and Richard Branson’s love for music? They both took one brave decision that led them to creating business empires.

In my own case also, I took two brave decisions, one at early age when I had options to choose either from studying science or moving towards business studies. My late father wanted me to go for science, however, I took the other direction, no regrets at all!

Second decision was to leave my stable and senior level job as Head of Trade and Investment at British Deputy High Commission to join a brand new non-profit that was under registration in the country. I went in at a very challenging stage, moving from an established organization to a new and one-man show was a shock in the beginning. Nevertheless, I added lots of value right at the start of my job that led to projection of my work at senior level at Head Quarters and within five years of my job, I was given international assignments. No stopping afterwards!

I wanted to see if that pattern is similar for some other people also and ran a survey on social media. Results were exactly what I expected. Successful people take at least one brave decision to leap to success!

Whereas most responses were related to a decision to switch jobs or from a job to entrepreneurial career or migrating to another country, one response was astonishing. Respondent told me that she left her troubled marriage and went back to professional career and has been extremely successful.

Perhaps decisions that are hardest to make are the most useful in career pursuit.

“Call it intuition. Call it trusting your gut. Call it seeing a “sign.” No matter what you call it, listening to your own instincts can be very rewarding—if you’re brave enough to do it.” Says Sharon Price John, CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Couple of weeks ago I met an amazing young girl Tanzila Khan. She has taken a brave decision to change the way people treat physically challenged. Herself on wheelchair she is a sign of power and determination. I will soon write a full blog on her initiative.

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